Why choose us?

Centrobed: 10 reasons why you should choose us

  1. Centrobed offers a range of beds and cots to suit the needs of all kinds of patients
  2. Our beds are fully bespoke, designed with the client’s own requirements and physical measurements in mind.
  3. We specialise in paediatric and bariatric beds, covering a wide range of conditions and treatments.
  4. Several of our products are unique, one-of-a-kind beds such as the Arctic bed that covers a wide range of profiling and turning movements enabling it to treat a wide variety of complex needs and conditions.
  5. If you do not find a product which matches your requirements, our experienced staff are be happy to discuss your individual requirements.
  6. Our beds and cots are designed to help improve the lives of those who care for patients, reducing strain and injury.
  7. By extension this means that our products can save clients a significant amount of money over time through a reduction in the level and cost of care they receive.
  8. Our trained technicians will fully install. Our support continues beyond this to ensure you are fully happy with your products.
  9. We have a large range of available add-ons for our products to further ensure the product meets the client’s requirements or to provide extra comfort, safety and security.
  10. Centrobed also provide other products outside of beds and cots, designed to also improve the lives of patients and carers including the Nile Leg Lifter and the Arabian Bandaging Stool.