Centrobed donated a bed to help a lovely deserving family in Bromsgrove

DIY SOS and the Bromsgrove volunteers help Karis, who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy as a baby. 28 years later, Karis still lives with her mum, Karen, but now her health is deteriorating and it’s making caring for Karis almost impossible.

Older sister Jo is desperate to give Karis a new home, but Jo’s own house is wholly inaccessible for Karis – the doors and corridors are too narrow for her wheelchair and there is no disability access to the upstairs. It means this family are facing their worst nightmare: the only way to make sure Karis doesn’t have to go in to a residential home is to rebuild Jo’s house and reunite the sisters once more.

Centrobed donated a Jupiter bed to help a lovely deserving family in Bromsgrove.

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