Centrobed donated a bed to an amazing deserving family in Bristol

Centrobed donated a bed to an amazing deserving family in Bristol

Twenty-four-year-old Ryan has spent the last five years in a hospital room, 50 miles away from home and his loving family. At the time, warehouse worker Dave Pollard and checkout operator Rachel were happily living in a small three-bedroom house in south Bristol, filled to the brim with their four kids – Ryan, Jason, Darren and Gemma. Then the family’s busy lives came to a screeching halt.

After serious headaches five years ago, Ryan was rushed in for an emergency operation where doctors discovered he had a blocked ventricle. A CT scan revealed that the build-up of fluid and pressure had caused brain damage. Ryan had lost control of his breathing and swallowing and was partially paralysed. He was transferred to the nearest specialist neurological unit, 50 miles away. Five years later, he’s still there and his loving mother Rachel catches public transport for five hours every day to visit Ryan.

This family is torn apart. The house needs a downstairs extension with all the bespoke care provision that Ryan will need: physio space, wet room, family space and the ability to access the entire ground floor. If the family doesn’t get this work done, Ryan will remain in hospital. They need the DIY SOS team and the generous volunteers of Bristol help to get Ryan home.

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