Centrobed donated a bed to a family in Torquay

Centrobed donated a Jupiter Profiling bed to Stuart in Torquay as apart with working with DIY SOS

In Torquay, the DIY SOS team and local kind volunteers step up to help single dad Stuart, who has suffered with progressive multiple sclerosis since his 15-year-old daughter Lauren was born. Stuart – who is 6’ 7” tall – lives and sleeps in a chair in the living room. His primary carer is his mum, Grandma Lin, who is completely blind – and has been since her 20s. Amazingly, Lin has been walking across town from her rented flat to Stuart’s house, seven days a week, to cover all his personal care – without even a guide dog! Lin is beyond unique: blind, independent, charming and inspiring – an incredible carer to Stuart, and a much-needed mum to Lauren.

The build consists of bespoke care facilities for Stuart: a bedroom, physio space, a wet room, a living space, and the ability to access the entire ground floor and garden. Grandma Lin will need a specially adapted extra bedroom for blind-assisted living, and the dilapidated kitchen and bathroom need a complete renovation and redesign for the family’s needs – to bring them together at mealtimes where they can bond over Lauren’s dream of cooking together. Until now the family have physically and emotionally living apart, and that’s where DIY SOS and our volunteers can come to the rescue

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