“The bed is perfect” SimonBaltic Turning Bed 

“I took delivery for my Centrobed Arctic Independent bed… It was immediately apparent to me and my carers that it was going to be extremely helpful in reducing the time and effort it takes to re-position me. Especially at night. So, instead of being woken constantly, I’m now able to mostly sleep through – as are my carers”Arctic Turning Bed

“Thank you so much for my beautiful” Jessica –  Arctic Turning Bed

“All in all, the bed has made night times one less worry for us and she now enjoys getting into her bed. When a profiling bed was first mentioned we imagined a hospital bed, we could never have imagined she would have something that looks this great. So thank you to everyone at Centrobed for making our daughter’s dream a reality” SummerQuoddy Bed

“I just wanted to say that Freddie’s bed has made such a difference to our lives for us as a family” Freddie – Flores Cot

“I am sure that both the OT’s and the clients will benefit from having the equipment as it will enable us to assess clients’ needs and ensure we issue the most appropriate piece of equipment to them” Eleanor OT – Leg Lifters

“She states she is over the moon with the Savu bed for Hithan, absolutely loves it, So much happier and safer for Hithan” Hithan – Savu Cot Bed

“We love the boys’ new beds! They have truly made a difference to not only the boy’s quality of sleep but by connection (extension), mine too” CharlotteQuoddy Bed