Single Handed Care

Centrobed can offer products that allow Single handed care

We have all heard of Single handed care or Reduced handed care, with Centrobed’s Arctic turning bed and the Timor bed chair, Single handed care can be achieved, saving the NHS millions of pounds!

Single handed care is now more at the forefront of Occupational Therapists and assessors minds. The enables patients to get back into their own home environment with a reduced care package, reducing the strain on care homes and community hospitals who provide a wide range of services, including in-patient rehabilitation. There have been many advances in technology, to allow more and more patients to leave a hospital environment and return home. Hoists are very common, to help with lifting patients up after a fall, or simply out of bed into a chair. Turntables are used to turn individuals around and transfer boards are used to move a patient from one piece of furniture to another. Centrobed offer a wide range of electric profiling beds including the Arctic turning bed and the Timor Chair Bed which can assist in facilitating sustainable care packages.

HANDSFREE TURNING can save the NHS millions!

Centrobed offer demonstrations at home or, with a trained representative travelling out to you and offering an assessment on the best products for the patient.
Equipment is also available for hire, making our products more available without capital outlay. The patient and carer can use the equipment to experience the benefits before committing to purchase.