Tungsten Elite ’80 Stone’ Bariatric Turning Bed

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Introducing the Tungsten Elite Bariatric Bed: Your Solution for Complex Bariatric Care Needs.

At Centrobed, we are committed to empowering our customers to live independently and safely. The Tungsten Elite bariatric bed has been developed in response to the needs of our bariatric clients and their caregivers, providing comprehensive support for moving and handling.

The Tungsten Elite bariatric bed is designed to meet even the most intricate bariatric care requirements. We have combined all the exceptional features of our renowned Tungsten bed with full profiling capabilities, offering enhanced postural management and daily care assistance.

Key Features of the Tungsten Elite Bariatric Bed:

  • Strength and Stability: The Tungsten Elite offers the same robust construction and stability as its predecessor, ensuring a secure and safe platform for users.
  • Profiling Capabilities: With full profiling functionality, the Tungsten Elite allows for precise adjustments to support postural management and comfort.
  • Weight Capacity of up to 80 Stone: Designed to handle increased weight, the Tungsten Elite provides reliable support for bariatric clients.
  • Reduced Risk of Injury: Both for the patient and the caregiver, the Tungsten Elite’s stable design minimizes the risk of injuries during transfers and care tasks.
  • Customizable Length and Width: Tailored to individual needs, the Tungsten Elite can be customised in length and width for optimal comfort.
  • Hands-Free Turning: The optional Auto Turning Box feature enables hands-free turning of patients, reducing the risk of soft tissue wounds and enhancing comfort.
  • Versatile Surface Area: With a larger surface area as standard, users can enjoy ample space and support.
  • Retractable Wheels: Featuring six wheels that can retract for storage, the Tungsten Elite offers versatility and ease of use.
  • Option for Air Mattress Integration: The Tungsten Elite can be paired with an Air mattress for added comfort and pressure relief.

Experience the superior comfort, safety, and versatility of the Tungsten Elite bariatric bed, designed to meet the unique needs of bariatric clients while providing caregivers with peace of mind and confidence in their care routines.




48" (123cm), 54" (137cm), Bespoke




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Movement Options

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Start Height

16" (41 cm)

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Prevent Pressure Ulcers

Single Handed Care Booklet

Pressure care Booklet

Bariatric Booklet

Turning Booklet

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Patients That Can Benefit

“Fantastic! Just been sharing this amazing company and bed with OTs who were unaware of what is out ‘there’.
Life with a progressive disease is very cruel but having amazing kit and ‘companies who care’ makes so much difference.”

Rachel Morris MBE

Very easy to use

John – Witcombe

“This company is absolutely amazing! The bed they made for us is perfect we now have some sleep and peace of mind. I can’t thank them enough for what they done for our family. I would highly recommend this company.”

Zoe Samantha Badham

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    Cost of bed

    In hospital cost


    Without bed

    Cost per day (£)180.00 Cost per year (£)65,700.00

    With bed

    Cost per day (£)90.00 Cost per year (£)32,850.00

    Calculation Results

    Saving year 1: £32,850.00
    Saving year 2: £32,850.00
    Saving year 3: £32,850.00
    One bed can save you over 3 years** £92,550.00

    This saving will fund 15 Beds **

    Producing a saving over 3 years of: £1,427,583.75

    This could then fund 238 Beds

    Producing a saving year 4 - 6 of: £22,020,479.34