Tungsten ’80 stone’ Bariatric Bed

Product Code: TUNG

Introducing the Tungsten: A Robust Solution for Clients with Increased Weight.

The Tungsten is an exceptional piece of engineering designed to address the challenges of prescribing a bed for clients with higher weight requirements, boasting an impressive weight limit of 80 stone. This bed offers unparalleled stability and strength, eliminating any rocking and ensuring a secure and stable platform for users.

Caring for clients with increased weight presents numerous challenges in moving and handling. The Tungsten bed is specifically engineered to meet these demands, providing a range of benefits:

  • Strength: Built to withstand substantial weight, the Tungsten offers a sturdy and reliable support system for users.
  • Stability: With its reinforced frame and robust construction, the Tungsten bed provides exceptional stability, minimising any risk of tipping or instability.
  • Ability to Handle Increasing Weight: As weight distribution can vary and change unpredictably, the Tungsten is equipped to accommodate these fluctuations with ease.
  • Reduces Risk of Injury: Both for the patient and the caregiver, the Tungsten’s solid construction and secure design help mitigate the risk of injuries during transfers and repositioning.

Key Features of the Tungsten:

  • Support for Varying Body Shapes: The Tungsten bed recognizes the diverse body shapes of clients with increased weight, offering the additional support needed for comfort and safety.
  • Spacious Sleeping Area: With a larger sleeping area as standard, users can enjoy ample space and comfort throughout the night.
  • Reinforced Frame and Materials: Manufactured using robust materials, the Tungsten bed ensures durability and longevity, even under heavy use.
  • Retractable Wheels: Featuring six wheels that can retract for storage, the Tungsten bed is versatile and practical, easily transitioning from storage to use.

Experience the unparalleled strength and stability of the Tungsten bed, designed to meet the unique needs of clients with increased weight while ensuring comfort, safety, and peace of mind for both users and caregivers.



48" (123cm), Bespoke



Movement Options

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, , , ,

Start Height

16" (41 cm)

Demonstration Video

Downloadable Information

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Single Handed Care Booklet

Bariatric Booklet

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Patients That Can Benefit

This bed is custom built in our factory and is ideal for sufferers of the following conditions:

“This company is absolutely amazing! The bed they made for us is perfect we now have some sleep and peace of mind. I can’t thank them enough for what they done for our family. I would highly recommend this company.”

Zoe Samantha Badham

Very easy to use

John – Witcombe

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We can also deliver and install our Leg Lifter, Pillow Lifters etc for a small fee.

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    Cost of bed

    In hospital cost


    Without bed

    Cost per day (£)180.00 Cost per year (£)65,700.00

    With bed

    Cost per day (£)90.00 Cost per year (£)32,850.00

    Calculation Results

    Saving year 1: £32,850.00
    Saving year 2: £32,850.00
    Saving year 3: £32,850.00
    One bed can save you over 3 years** £92,550.00

    This saving will fund 15 Beds **

    Producing a saving over 3 years of: £1,427,583.75

    This could then fund 238 Beds

    Producing a saving year 4 - 6 of: £22,020,479.34