Mawson – Transportable Leg Lifter

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Introducing the Mawson Electric Leg Lifter: Effortless Bed-to-Bed Mobility

The Mawson Electric Leg Lifter stands out as a unique and innovative solution for bed-to-bed transfers in care homes and nursing facilities. Designed for convenience, safety, and ease of use, this electric leg lifter offers unparalleled mobility for patients while simplifying tasks for caregivers.

The Mawson Electric Leg Lifter streamlines the process of transferring patients from one bed to another. Its mobile design allows for easy wheeling, making transfers quick, straightforward, and efficient. When used with a profiling bed, the Mawson sits adjacent to the bed frame, enhancing patient comfort and safety during transfers. This eliminates the need for additional equipment and improves access for caregivers.

Equipped with secure, braked wheels, the Mawson ensures stability during transfers, protecting both patients and caregivers from potential injuries caused by unwanted movement. With a weight capacity of up to 25 stone (158 kilograms), the Mawson supports a wide range of patients. A bariatric version is available, accommodating weights of up to 50 stone (317 kilograms).

A removable hoop provides patients with a secure handhold, enhancing confidence and stability during transfers, maintaining independence and control. Despite its capabilities, the Mawson maintains a compact design, easy to navigate within care settings without taking up excessive space. Powered by an electric system, the Mawson operates quietly and smoothly, ensuring a comfortable experience for patients and minimal disruptions.

Intuitive controls allow caregivers to adjust height and position with precision, accommodating individual patient needs for efficient workflows. Crafted from sturdy materials, the Mawson Electric Leg Lifter is built for daily use in healthcare environments, ensuring long-term reliability.

The Mawson Electric Leg Lifter elevates the standard of care for patients with mobility needs, offering convenience, stability, and peace of mind in healthcare settings.




Pad Width

30" (76 cm)


15" (38 cm)

Pad Thickness

3" (8 cm)



Angle of Lift

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Patients That Can Benefit

This bed is custom built in our factory and is ideal for sufferers of the following conditions:

  • Cerebral Palsy

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‘The guys who came to set the bed up, please pass my thanks; their customer service was brilliant and friendly! Nothing was too much trouble and extremely efficient.’

Seth – Powys

“Fantastic! Just been sharing this amazing company and bed with OTs who were unaware of what is out ‘there’.
Life with a progressive disease is very cruel but having amazing kit and ‘companies who care’ makes so much difference.”

Rachel Morris MBE

“This company is absolutely amazing! The bed they made for us is perfect we now have some sleep and peace of mind. I can’t thank them enough for what they done for our family. I would highly recommend this company.”

Zoe Samantha Badham

Deliveries and Installation

The beds we deliver and install are free of charge, But we can also deliver and fit Leg Lifter, Mattress Variator, Pillow Lifters etc for a small fee.

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    Cost of bed

    In hospital cost


    Without bed

    Cost per day (£)180.00 Cost per year (£)65,700.00

    With bed

    Cost per day (£)90.00 Cost per year (£)32,850.00

    Calculation Results

    Saving year 1: £32,850.00
    Saving year 2: £32,850.00
    Saving year 3: £32,850.00
    One bed can save you over 3 years** £92,550.00

    This saving will fund 15 Beds **

    Producing a saving over 3 years of: £1,427,583.75

    This could then fund 238 Beds

    Producing a saving year 4 - 6 of: £22,020,479.34