Ionian Stand Up Bed

Product Code: ION

Centrobed’s profiling Ionian Bed moves seamlessly from a 180 degree horizontal position to a 90 degree vertical position facilitating active independence.

The Ionian works as a standard profiling bed that improves a client’s mobility getting in and out of bed and by extension giving the client an overall better health and active independence. This standing bed is made bespoke to the client’s preferences taking them from a 180-degree horizontal position to a vertical 90 degree position sitting up. Standing up also assists carers by alleviating unneccessary lifting. The Ionian has been developed for use by individuals unable to sit or bend when getting into bed. As with all Centrobed’s bespoke beds, the Ionian is manufactured to fit each client whether they are 4′ or 7′ tall.


Product Details

The Ionian bed functions as a standard fully profiling bed with high/low movements but has the extra feature of taking someone from a flat, 180-degree horizontal laying position to a 90-degree vertical position, standing up.

People who are unable to sit or stand up from bed or experience great difficulty in doing so face significant limitations in several key aspects of life including physical health and social wellbeing. They are likely dependent on other people for care or help in getting in or out of bed, isolating themselves in a single area and restricting when they are able to move. The Ionian can significantly improve a person’s mobility with an easy to use handset that can allow the client to achieve these positions easily in a smooth and comfortable motion. This easy to operate bed provides the client with some active independence and dignity in transferring in and out of bed.

One of the main advantages of the improved mobility that the Ionian facilitates is that it will provide the client with an overall better standard of health. Through being able to stand up and have more freedom to move around their home, several key internal health systems improve including a better digestion, a less restricted circulation and stronger bone development.

The Ionian bed can be made bespoke with a length that perfectly matches the client’s own physical needs or preferences, fitting a person of any size whether they are 4’ or 7’ tall with a weight limit of 25 stone (158 kilos). For clients who want an extra level of security, the Ionian can come with bedside rails to ensure that the client does not slide or fall out of the side of the bed.

The Ionian also provides key benefits for carers, with the client no longer needing assistance in standing up or getting out of bed. Carers put their bodies increasingly under risk of strain or injury when having to regularly assist in lifting and handling clients out of bed. The Ionian alleviates this key issue by lifting the client without any outside assistance needed. This crucial feature of the Ionian improves the general health and quality of life for the client and the carer.


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36" (91cm), Bespoke


6'0 (183 cm), 6'5 (198 cm), Bespoke

Max Weight

25 st (159 kg)

Movement Options

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