Hudson Amputee Bed

Product Code: HUD

The Hudson Amputee Bed provides the client a safe and comforting environment, accommodating their complex needs, maintaining their dignity and improving their mobility and individual freedom. The Hudson reduces the level of care and attention bed users require from others and encourages more independent development.

The Hudson is designed to improve a client’s stability and enable effortless movement in re-positioning them correctly while also reducing pressure on the stump. When using standard beds, single or double amputee bed users can encounter great difficulty or stress when trying to reposition themselves and an increase level of pressure on the stump causing discomfort and often resulting in a low quality of sleep. The Hudson is designed to alleviate all of these issues and is manufactured in bespoke sizes to manage any particular individual’s needs; available for either a single or double amputee and with a Bariatric version.

The high/low and backrest movement options which the Hudson has available allow for easier transfer for the client getting in or out of bed. This significant improvement to the client’s own mobility and independence when using their bed can also have a noticeable and healthy impact on the life of the client outside of the bedroom. As a result of the Hudson providing clients with an improved quality of sleep, people will have more energy throughout the day; feel more comfortable and less stressed.

Profiling sections of the Hudson can also be bespoke to match the client’s specific needs. The Hudson is designed to ensure the client is provided with correct and appropriate positioning when in bed. This feature can help reduce any built up stress in the body and assist with decreasing any swelling. The Hudson also has an adjustable seat section to prevent the user from unintentionally sliding when sitting up.

The Hudson can be coloured from a wide range of possible options to provide a more aesthetically pleasing design fitting the client’s own interests and being able to blend seamlessly with the appearance of the room. This more personalized touch to the Hudson’s design assists in making the bed and the room itself appear like any other bedroom.




36" (91cm), Bespoke



Start Height

16" (41 cm)

Movement Options



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