Arctic Turning Bed

Product Code: ARI

The Arctic is a multi positional multifunctional bed that can accommodate even the most complex needs. Due to the configuration of the frame it allows a client to sit and turn at the same time. Individual leg movements are fitted as standard. Automatic, programmable turning bed. With so many varying positions the client or the other carer can adjust the bed to suit their individual needs, helping with breathing, coughing and comfort reducing the time it takes to reposition.



30" (76 cm), 36" (91cm), 42" (107cm), 48" (123cm)


5'0 (152 cm), 5'5 (168 cm), 6'0 (183 cm), 6'5 (198 cm), 7'0 (213 cm), 7'5 (229 cm), Bespoke

Start Height

11" (28 cm)

Max Weight

25 st (159 kg)


Movement Options

, , , , , , , ,


, , , , , , ,

Demonstration Video

“We truly believe that your bed and turner has helped in keeping Curtis here with us. No pneumonia over winter is a FIRST.”

Kyle (Arctic Bed)

“I took delivery of my Centrobed Arctic Independent bed about a year ago. It was immediately apparent to me and my carers it was going to be extremely helpful in reducing the time and effort it takes to re-position me. Especially at night. So instead of being woken constantly, I’m now able to mostly sleep through – as are my carers.

There are other benefits too, but the overnight automatic positioning is, in my house anyway, the most important.”


“Firstly the cool design and look of the bed is so pleasing. After having a plain-looking, profiling hospital bed, it is such a relief having a ‘normal’ looking bed, with a cool design.

Also, the fact we can change the design as he gets older is such a bonus.

As for the comfort and practicality, it has been a god send. Christopher is so much more comfortable now at night. He has always struggled to get himself comfortable ever since being a toddler, which since he has become diagnosed with Duchenne, has become clear why.

With so many variations of positions, he or we can adjust the bed to suit his needs, to make him as relaxed as possible. As he does suffer with bad chest frequently, we tend to have the head end raised slightly, which helps his breathing and reduces the coughing through the night. We also keep the side guard up at an angle which gives him security, but also allows him to get on and off the bed on his own. Also, we often raise the edges of the bed which helps him keep his hips and legs in line and supports his thighs.”


“Every morning I would spend the first part of our day consoling him whilst rubbing his severely aching back. With his condition and age this was all part of expected daily life for us. Other parents of children living with the same condition reported this was normal – to try warm baths, heat pads and pain relief medications.

To say it was difficult was an understatement. Seeing my son in pain every morning, seeing him exhausted during the day as he never got a full night’s sleep, it’s heart-wrenching and exhausting for any parent.

Then our OT suggested we try the Arctic Centrobed – and life got better quite literally overnight!

With is quietly and gently turning him every 30 minutes my son slept through the night for the first time in…well…so long I couldn’t remember! He woke with no pain in his back, and I had my happy smiling boy back! And after I finally had a full night’s sleep too, he had a happy and refreshed mum!

He had renewed energy, His school teachers reported how much more focused and cheerful he had become, and how his work had improved as a result. He was so much happier, the change was noticeable and quite dramatic.

For us the Centrobed has been life changing. I would absolutely recommend it for anybody who has difficulty repositioning; for us the quality of life for the whole family has improved immensely – I only wish we had tried it sooner! Thank you Centrobed.”


Patients That Can Benefit

This bed is custom built in our factory and is ideal for sufferers of the following conditions:

  • Cerebral Palsy

    Centrobed provide a range of equipment designed for comfort to improve quality of life for those suffering with Cerebral...

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