Antarctic Profiling Budget Bed

Product Code: ANT

The Antarctic is a 4 section budget profiling bed beautifully finished with enclosed motors and a wooden head and foot board. The bed is adjustable in heights, enabling carers/nurses to care for users successfully, without bending and causing back injuries.

The Antarctic is height adjustable giving nurses and carers easy access and reducing the risk of injury or strain in doing so. This bed can also be personalised with a large range of colours and themes to choose from.


Product Details

The Antarctic is a four section profiling bed beautifully finished with enclosed motors and wooden head and foot boards. This specialist bed’s design with its head and foot boards along with side rails ensure the users are both comfortable and fully secure in their bed. When trying to care for someone nurses or carers often have to awkwardly twist and adjust their body to properly attend to them, putting their own bodies under risk of strain or injury. This profiling bed is height adjustable, starting from 41cm and going up to 198cm enabling carers/nurses to attend to patients in the bed in a more effective manner, without risking injury. The Antarctic’s maximum weight limit is 25 stone (158 kg). The Antarctic’s movement options are four section profiling, head up and knee break. These movement options can help reduce any swelling present in the client and alleviate client stress. The Antarctic is essential when it comes to decreasing the cost for carers and maintaining a user’s own dignity and independence in bed.

The Antarctic can come with either a standard mattress or a pressure-relieving mattress to improve the comfort of users who have Tissue Viability. Pressure sores or ulcers can have a significant negative impact on a user’s quality of sleep but with the assistance of a pressure-relieving mattress, the Antarctic can help reduce and prevent sores and ulcers, improving their comfort. The Antarctic can come installed with a bed lever to further assist users in exiting the bed. These features make the Antarctic an effective piece of moving and handling equipment helping the user maintain a healthy level of mobility and independence when using their bed, facilitating growth and development at their own pace.

This profiling bed ensures the user comfort and security but can also have its frame personalized according to the user’s own interests and aesthetics that they find appealing with a wide range of bright vibrant colours and themes to choose from. This will give the Antarctic an attractive design able to blend well within a typical bedroom.

The Antarctic is an attractive bed which can be personalized and provides the user with a safer and less stressful experience along with addressing their specific needs. The Antarctic can greatly reduce the amount of care a user requires and by extension the cost of care while improving the quality of care they receive.

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36" (91cm), 42" (107cm), 48" (123cm)


6'5 (198 cm)

Start Height

16" (41 cm)

Max Weight

25 st (159 kg)

Movement Options

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