Amazon – Adult size turning bed that grows

With all the features of the Arctic Turning bed the Amazon has the added advantage of  ‘growing’. No matter the height of the person the Amazon will fit and profile in the correct places. This product is ideally suited for an environment where beds are recycled or where the teenager using it is growing to an unknown height.

The Amazon is a multi positional, multi functional bed that can accommodate even the most complex needs and enable single handed care. Due to the configuration of the frame it allows a client to sit and turn at the same time. Individual leg movements are fitted as standard. Automatic, programmable turning bed (Optional Extra).  With the autobox fitted the Amazon will turn, profile and the legs independently move throughout the day and night. Handsfree comfort and independence. With so many varying positions the client or the carer can adjust the bed to suit the individuals needs, helping with breathing, coughing and comfort, reducing the time it takes to reposition.

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36" (91cm), 42" (107cm), 48" (123cm), 54" (137cm)


6'6 (198cm), 7'0 (213 cm), 7'6 (228cm)


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Movement Options

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