NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH: Delaware Leg Positioning Bed

NEW   The Delaware is designed to give as many leg positions as possible.

The Delaware is a multi functional leg positioning bed with 4 section profiling, high low. Featuring the ultimate unique kneebreak for leg positioning in bed. The Delaware is designed to give multiple leg positions allowing you to take your legs into a negative, below horizontal, position whilst the independent actuators allow the fine adjustment of the kneebreak. With heels down the Delaware is suitable for someone with contracted legs giving a chair like position yet still benefiting from being a bed.

The Delaware makes transferring of legs into bed, drainage and positional change easier. The end section of the bed when dropped into a negative position, down as low as 10inches.  makes it easier to transfer legs into bed. Without doubt this bed is all about the kneebreak.

  •  Leg Drainage
  •  Contracted Legs
  •  Leg Positional Change
  •  Easy Access into bed
  •  Muscular Dystrophy contractures
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