Motor Neurone to Stroke

At Centrobed our aim is to produce products to help our clients have a drastic improvement in sleep along with assisting them with a better quality of life. With this in mind, we created our bespoke range of beds.

Our aim for our customer’s, is to improve posture by allowing the individual to move all parts of their body independently. This gives them the ability to move into the most comfortable position for their restful night’s sleep.  Our turning beds are most suited to clients who suffer from a variety of conditions these vary from strokes, DMD to MS & Motor Neurone, specifically the Arctic.

The Arctic is a one-of-a-kind product that has been specifically designed to have individual leg movements to compliment the turning functions, meaning you could have your right knee elevated and turn towards your left-hand side, alternating pressure, or ultimate comfort whilst asleep. With all the standard features expected such as profiling, Hi/Lo, and compatibility for environmental control with the addition of independent leg movements.

The Arctic was designed for comfort and to accommodate the most complex of needs. This product helps clients to reposition themselves without the need for assistance of care givers, empowering independence by a simple push of a button. Motor Neurone disease is a rare condition that affects approximately 2 in 100,000 people a year in the UK.  MND is a life limiting disease that over time irreparably damages parts of the nervous system. As a result, this leads to increased muscle weakness and reduction in mass and mobility. In addition to other symptoms such as – cramps and twitches, weight loss and difficulty in controlling emotions.  A motor neurone is a specialised type of brain cell, these cells are responsible for muscle control though out the body such as walking, speaking, swallowing, and breathing along with many others.

As the condition progresses these actions become increasingly more difficult people with MND are increasingly more reliant on family or care givers as well as assistive technology to help perform these functions. Over the years technology has evolved empowering people with Motor Neurone Disease as well as other conditions to live more independently and have more fuller lives.

The Arctic, along with our other bespoke turning beds are designed to assist and relieve clients with limited mobility much like someone who has suffered from a stroke, a portion of whom suffer from a significant loss in movement, typically in one side of the body, similarly to Motor Neurones our aim is to provide those who have suffered from a stroke with postural support rather than relying on care givers.

The recovery time from a stroke can range from a few weeks to years, having the correct assistive technology can help aid the recovery time. The lower the movement ability that someone has, the higher they are at being at risk for pressure care issues caused by immobility. This can exacerbate everyday issues like the common cold or a chest infection which can in some cases lead to further complications. To combat this, families and carer givers are required to regimentally move patients to redistribute pressure throughout the day and night. One of the reasons that Lateral movement is imperative for our clients is it can help to move fluid around the chest reducing the risk of pneumonia and further complications in the future.

In December 2019, former rugby player Rob Burrow was diagnosed with MND, changing not only his life but also the lives of his family. Since October 2020 Rob has been using our Arctic turning bed to help ease the strain that his condition has put onto both him and his family, and since this time Rob has found that he is able to sleep easier and reduce the struggle for his loving wife Lindsey.

Speaking to Rob again he stated to us “The Arctic bed has been my saving grace. The bed does everything I need for a good night’s sleep, legs raised so I don’t slip down the bed, the head raise up to my comfort and the turn of the bed enabling me to turn in automatically. The bed is comfortable, and it has helped me out massively since I got it.” – Rob Burrows

Since the Arctic has been in the community, in most cases, we have been able to provide the families and care givers some relief by adding an automatic turning function that can be programmed for use during the day or night. This reduces the risk of injury for care givers through manual handling and reduces the cost also in some cases eliminating the cost for carers at night altogether.

Centrobed first started by promoting independence with products such as our Nile leg lifter and Pillow lifters for clients who were struggling to either get into bed or manoeuvre whilst in bed.
A few years on we found that there were so many different communities that could benefit from these products but were also in need of more! Because of these communities our products quickly progressed over time onto our bespoke range of beds. Not only with turning for complex needs such as MND, but also for a variety of other different scenarios, for an example our Saturn is a profiling bed that is designed to fit into limited spaces. Or for our clients who are at self-risk, they continue to benefit from our made to measure Flores. The Scotia cots are specifically created for new-born babies (up to 24 months), or wheelchair bound parents.

The business was first created in 1982 and has been passed down through the generations, bringing along our core beliefs and values. To this day, Centrobed remains within the family who created it. Our products and the way we have developed them over time have been and will always be patient led.

As a company we look forward to serving our community and celebrating many more birthdays with many more generations to come, adapting to the changes in health and implementing new products to assist with a peaceful night sleep.


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