A stroke, medically known as a cerebrovascular accident, is a sudden interruption in the blood supply to the brain. This can occur due to a blockage in a blood vessel (ischemic stroke) or a blood vessel rupture (haemorrhagic stroke). When the brain is deprived of oxygen and nutrients, it can lead to brain cell damage or death, resulting in a wide range of physical and cognitive impairments.

The effects of a stroke can vary significantly depending on the location and extent of brain damage. Common stroke symptoms include sudden weakness or numbness on one side of the body, difficulty speaking, impaired coordination, and changes in cognitive function. The impact of a stroke can range from mild to severe, and rehabilitation plays a crucial role in regaining lost function and improving the quality of life for stroke survivors.

Centrobed’s Bed Functions for Patients Who Have Suffered a Stroke:

Patients who have suffered a stroke often have specific healthcare needs due to their mobility challenges and potential muscle weakness. The choice of bed functions for these patients should prioritize their comfort, safety, and support for managing symptoms related to mobility, posture, and overall well-being. Here are some bed functions and considerations that may be beneficial for stroke survivors:

  1. Adjustable Bed Height: At Centrobed we have a multitude of beds which have adjustable heights, this is the high/low feature which is able to bring beds from knee height up to waist height. Our Fundy Low Start Bed is the prime example of this, starting from just a few inches off of the floor which is then easily raised to waist height. These adjustable features will also aid massively when it comes to manual handling and the individual going about their daily life.
  2. Full Profiling Options: Almost all of our beds have profiling features – a full profiling bed is able to offer comfort to the patient and can even be adjusted by the individual which promotes independence as well as control. We highly recommend you have a look at our Jupiter Profiling Bed as it has 4 section profiling.
  3. Tilt-in-Space Functionality: Tilt-in-space features allow the bed frame to tilt horizontally and/or vertically. This function can be beneficial for:
    • Pressure Sore Prevention: Regularly changing the patient’s position can help prevent pressure sores, which may be a concern for individuals with limited mobility. At Centrobed we have the Arctic Turning Bed which is able to shift a patients weight from one side of their body to the other at a press of 2 buttons or even automatically with one of our turning boxes.
    • Respiratory Support: Tilted positioning can assist with lung function and breathing for stroke survivors who may have difficulty with mobility or positioning.  Studies have shown that there was an improvement in respiratory mechanics following a 15° to 20° reverse Trendelenburg.
  4. Pressure-Relief Mattress: A pressure-relief mattress helps distribute body weight evenly, reducing the risk of pressure sores and enhancing comfort during long periods of time spent in bed. Not only does Centrobed offer a range of mattresses which are visible here, we also offer a bed which aims to reduce pressure – to learn more about our Arctic Turning Bed, click here.
  5. Patient Positioning Aids: Built-in positioning aids, such as trapeze bars or handles, can assist stroke survivors with mobility and repositioning, promoting independence and comfort. At Centrobed we offer a multitude of positioning aids – such as our pillow lifters which are attachable to the vast majority of standard beds and offer a more affordable solution to your comfort.

It’s crucial to involve healthcare professionals, including neurologists, physical therapists, and occupational therapists, in assessing the patient’s specific needs and recommending the most suitable bed and equipment to enhance their comfort, safety, and quality of life while recovering from a stroke. Please contact the Centrobed team here for more information.