Muscular Dystrophy

Centrobed’s Arctic Independent turning bed  helps to improve the quality of life for people suffering with Duchenne and Muscular Dystrophy.

Easy to use and with a variety of functions it helps maintain independence and provide comfort for those who have difficulty moving by themselves. With it’s unique cradling action and the ability to turn at regular intervals throughout the day and night, the Arctic provides handsfree turning. Another unique feature of the Arctic is the independent leg movements which assist in providing added comfort.

Why Does it Work?

Using the Arctic Independent benefits both the client and the carers alike. Due to the Arctic’s versatility, individual comfort can be achieved using the numerous positions available.

With functions such as programmable movements (also known as auto functions), the Arctic will move when required at set times according to an individual’s needs during the night. This helps keep the user comfortable and minimise the need for assistance, thereby improving quality of life.

Using the turning facility the client can be ‘hugged’ in a cradling position and the pain associated with contractures and scoliosis may be reduced by also using the independent leg movements. When using the Arctic Independent you can move the individual leg and turn at the same time, the key to comfort is being able to both legs individually. This unique movement reduces the needs for parents or carers to attend during the night. As all of our beds are bespoke it means they are tailor made for each individual, taking into consideration where the bends in the bed need to be, the width, length and start height of the bed.

There are a variety of optional extras for the Arctic Independent including; Themed Head and Foot boards, Cotsides, Bumpers, and a variety of different frame colours.

Bed Functions

  • High/Low
  • Fully Profiling (Head Raise and Knee Break)
  • Turning Action
  • Independent movement of Head Rest
  • Individual leg movements
  • Programmable functions
  • Possum Compatible
  • Trendelenburgh & Reverse Trendelenburgh

“The cool design and look of the bed is so pleasing. After having a plain looking, profiling hospital bed, it is such a relief having a ‘normal’ looking bed, with a cool design.”

Ms H

“As for the comfort and practicality, it has been a god send. Christopher is so much more comfortable now at night. He has always struggled to get himself comfortable ever since being a toddler, which since he was diagnosed with Duchenne, has become clear why. With so many variations of positions, he or we can adjust the bed to suit his needs, to make him as relaxed as possible. As he does suffer with a bad chest frequently, we tend to have the head end raised slightly, which helps his breathing and reduces the coughing through the night. We also keep the side guard up at an angle which gives him security, but also allows him to get on and off the bed on his own. Also, we often raise the edges of the bed which helps keep his legs and hips in line and supports his thighs.”