Lymphedema is a chronic medical condition characterised by the swelling of typically the limbs, due to the accumulation of lymphatic fluid. The lymphatic system plays a crucial role in maintaining fluid balance and filtering waste from the body, but when this system is compromised or damaged it can result in the build-up of excess fluid.

Lymphedema can be classified into two main types: primary (congenital or hereditary) and secondary (caused by surgery, radiation, infection, or trauma).

The hallmark of lymphedema is persistent swelling, which can lead to discomfort, pain, and reduced mobility. Managing lymphedema involves a combination of therapies, including manual lymphatic drainage, compression therapy, exercise, and skin care, to reduce swelling and improve overall well-being.

Centrobed Bed Functions for Patients with Lymphedema:

Patients with lymphedema have specific healthcare needs related to managing swelling, maintaining circulation, and preventing complications. While bed functions may not directly treat lymphedema, they can contribute to patient comfort and overall well-being. Here are some bed functions and considerations that may be beneficial for patients with lymphedema:

  1. Adjustable Bed Height: An adjustable bed height allows patients to easily get in and out of bed, which can be particularly helpful when swelling affects the lower limbs and the patients mobility. At Centrobed we offer a range of beds with adjustable heights and a multitude of additional functions.
  2. Pressure-Relief Mattress: A pressure-relief mattress helps distribute body weight evenly, reducing the risk of pressure sores, which can be a concern for patients with lymphedema who may have compromised skin integrity. At Centrobed we offer a range of mattresses with varying properties, please speak to a member of our sales team here for more information.
  3. Elevation: Our profiling beds are able to offer leg elevation options, allowing patients to raise their legs at any given time, which may help reduce swelling and improve lymphatic drainage. This can also help increase a patients comfort. An example of this would be our Saturn Bed, click the link to learn more!
  4. Soft and Comfortable Bedding: Soft and comfortable bedding can enhance patient comfort, especially when swelling and discomfort are present. Whilst we at Centrobed have limited products when it comes to bedding we offer multiple which may be able to increase your comfort.
  5. Customisable Settings: Beds with customisable settings or memory presets allow patients to adjust the bed to their preferred positions for sleeping and resting, considering their specific comfort needs. We at Centrobed are able to offer that and more – we have our automatic turning boxes which will distribute your weight evenly throughout the night – reducing any risk for pressure sores.
  6. Battery Backup: In case of power outages, battery backup ensures that essential bed functions remain operational, maintaining patient comfort and safety.

It’s important to note that while bed functions can contribute to patient comfort and safety, the primary management of lymphedema typically involves a combination of medical therapies and lifestyle modifications, as prescribed by healthcare professionals. These bed functions are intended to complement the overall care plan for patients with lymphedema and enhance their quality of life. Please contact us for more information!