Patients with dwarfism may have specific care needs due to their unique physical characteristics and potential musculoskeletal challenges. The choice of bed functions for patients with dwarfism should prioritize their comfort, safety, and accessibility while considering their stature and potential mobility limitations. Here are some functions of a few of our beds and how they can best suit the needs of individuals with dwarfism:

Low/Adjustable Bed Height: A low bed height ensures that patients with dwarfism can easily get in and out of bed independently, given their shorter stature. It reduces the risk of falls and minimizes the need for assistance. Our Banda Hi/Lo Platform Bed is one of our only bed which offers a floor start which can be extremely effective in giving back independence to individuals with Dwarfism as they should be able to easily manoeuvre theirselves in and out of bed.

Full Profiling Options: Full profiling capabilities, including adjustable head and foot sections, provide flexibility for patients with dwarfism to find comfortable positions for resting, reading, or engaging in activities. Not only should the bed be profiling but it should be uniquely made to fit the measurements of the individual themselves – offering the most comforting sleep.

Side Rails: Retractable side rails can be used to prevent accidental falls, especially during sleep, and provide additional support for patients with dwarfism who may have limited mobility. Side rails are recommended with all of our products, giving you a peace of mind whilst you sleep.

Pressure-Relief Mattress: Pressure-relief mattresses, such as foam or air mattresses, help distribute body weight evenly and reduce the risk of pressure sores, which can be a concern for individuals with limited mobility. This paired with Centrobed’s automatic turning box is extremely effective in regards to pressure relief.

Tilt-in-Space Functionality: Tilt-in-space features allow the entire bed frame to tilt backward or forward. This function can be beneficial for:

  • Pressure Sore Prevention: Regularly changing the patient’s position can help prevent pressure sores. Pressure sores are a highly preventable repercussion of being bed-bound for long periods of time and the ability to shift weight at a mere touch of a button is extremely effective.

Customisable Settings: Beds with customisable settings or memory presets make it easier for patients with dwarfism to adjust the bed to their preferred positions for various activities.

Battery Backup: In case of power outages, battery backup ensures that essential bed functions remain operational, maintaining patient safety and comfort, all of our turning beds have this back-up battery power to offer a further piece of mind.

It’s important to involve healthcare professionals and caregivers in selecting the appropriate bed functions for patients with dwarfism. Individual assessments are required for our products to ensure that you have the best product suited for you, the specific type of dwarfism, and the patient’s unique needs and preferences should be considered to provide a supportive and comfortable environment that promotes their well-being and quality of life. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with our sales team.