Personalised Beds!

No bed needs to be plain or boring when it’s made by Centrobed. We offer a wide array of vibrant and colourful themes, from racing cars to butterflies, or even your favourite sports team or film—the options are endless!

Our bright, colourful beds bring immense joy to children everywhere. Children are incredibly resilient and often adapt to whatever life throws at them, sometimes without missing a beat. Many parents strive to make life as fun and engaging as possible, even when their child requires additional medical assistance and support. With a bespoke bed from Centrobed, this necessity can be transformed into a source of delight. Our beds are tailored to meet your specific needs and seamlessly fit into your life.

Choose from frames painted in pink, blue, green, purple, or one of our many other colour options, making them perfect for any child’s bedroom. Our range includes fully profiling beds, turning beds, and even cots, all designed to make life easier and more enjoyable.

For further information, contact our team on 01233 635353

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