Our New Product: The Tungsten Elite

At Centrobed, we are always listening to what our customers need to help them live as independently and safely as possible. The Tungsten Elite has been bought to the market after hearing that our bariatric customers and their carers needed additional support with moving and handling.

The Tungsten Elite can resolve even the most complex of Bariatric care needs. We have taken all the elements of our incredible feat of engineering, The Tungsten, and combined to include full profiling to assist with postural management and day to day care.

The Tungsten Elite resolves issues with the prescribing of a bed for clients with increased weight. No rocking, a strong bed with incredible stability and safety. Caring for a client with increased weight creates numerous issues with moving and handling.

The Tungsten Elite has:

  • Strength
  • Stability
  • Ability to handle increasing weight
  • Reduces risk of injury to patient and carer
  • Profiling
  • Weight limit of up to 80 stone
  • Bespoke length and width

Taking into consideration:

  • Unpredictable excess flesh movement that changes weight distribution
  • Allows for varying client body shape and the additional body support needed
  • A larger surface area as standard
  • Manufactured using strong materials with a reinforced frame
  • 6 Wheels that can retract for storage to allow for solid standing, coming back into use when needed
  • Hands free turning
  • Ability to turn patients to reduce soft tissue wounds
  • Option to add Auto Turning Box and Air mattress

Product Specifications

  • Width: 54″ (137cm) as standard, also available in 48″ (123cm), 60″ (183cm), bespoke
  • Length: 6’6″ (198cm), bespoke
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