Mathematics and Statistics Awareness Month

Discover How Centrobed Can Help You Save Money

April is Mathematics and Statistics Awareness Month, a time to celebrate the beauty and importance of numbers and data in our lives. As we reflect on the role of mathematics and statistics in our society, it is worth considering how these fields can help us address real-world challenges.

One such challenge facing our healthcare system today is the issue of “Bed Blocking.” Hospitals are becoming overcrowded, with resources and space being devoted to patients who are medically well but are unable to leave the hospital due to a lack of appropriate care facilities or home care options. This issue is not only expensive but also puts a strain on the healthcare system, with hospitals struggling to provide timely care to patients who need it.

The UK government has allocated £250 million to address this issue, with £200 million going towards purchasing new beds in care facilities and £50 million going towards expanding hospital outpatient capabilities and ambulance hubs. While this is a step in the right direction, it is important to consider the long-term cost savings that can be achieved through innovative solutions such as the Centrobed.

By using a Centrobed, the overall cost of caring for a patient is reduced, as it requires fewer carers or no carers to turn a patient. For example, it can take up to 4 carers to turn a patient, but with an Arctic turning bed, it could reduce to less carers or even no carers. This not only reduces costs but also lightens the load on carers, providing a better quality of life for both the patient and the caregiver.

Furthermore, the use of data and statistics can help us understand the cost savings that can be achieved through innovative solutions like our beds here at Centrobed. By using a cost-saving calculator, we can estimate the savings that can be achieved by investing in the correct specialist bed. These savings can help reduce the risk of back injuries, pressure sores, and litigation, as well as provide a long-term solution to the bed blocking crisis.

As we celebrate Mathematics and Statistics Awareness Month, let us not forget the important role that these fields can play in solving real-world challenges. By using data and innovative solutions, we can achieve cost savings, improve patient outcomes, and create a more sustainable healthcare system for the future.

Given the importance of mathematics and statistics in healthcare, it is crucial that healthcare providers have access to the tools and resources they need to make informed decisions. This includes not just medical equipment, but also software and data analysis tools that can help healthcare professionals to make sense of complex patient data.

One such tool that healthcare providers can use is the Centrobed Cost Saving Calculator. By using this calculator, healthcare providers can estimate the potential cost savings that they could achieve by investing in one of our beds. The calculator considers factors such as the cost of hiring carers, the cost of hospital stays, and the potential cost savings from reducing the risk of pressure sores and back injuries.

If you are a healthcare provider looking to save costs while improving patient outcomes, we encourage you to check out the Centrobed Cost Saving Calculator at By using this tool, you can discover just how much money you could save your organisation by investing in one of our beds.

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