Injury Awareness Week 2024

As Injury Awareness Week 2024 unfolds from June 24th to 28th, it offers a timely reflection on the critical importance of safety and injury prevention in healthcare and caregiving settings. At Centrobed, our commitment is to enhance safety for both users and caregivers through our specially designed beds. Join us as we delve into the significance of this week and explore how proactive measures can effectively reduce injuries.

The Fundy and Crash Mat

At Centrobed, we prioritise safety above all else, and the Fundy Low Start Bed exemplifies this commitment. This innovative, fully profiling bed is designed based on valuable feedback from our clients and Occupational Therapists, ensuring it meets the highest standards of safety and functionality. The Fundy’s floor start height eliminates the need for side rails, significantly reducing the risk of falls from a height and lowering the risk of injury from falling out of bed. For added safety, the Fundy can accommodate the use of a crash mat, which provides a cushioned surface next to the bed, allowing users to roll out of bed safely without sustaining injuries from hitting the floor. Additionally, we offer optional padding for the surrounding walls of the bed, ensuring a secure and cushioned environment that minimises the risk of injury from accidental impacts. Designed for use in care homes, residential settings, or hospitals, the Fundy Low Start Bed, combined with the Crash Mat, provides unparalleled levels of safety and reliability, ensuring a secure sleeping environment for users.

Mawson and Nile

The Mawson Electric Leg Lifter and the Nile Leg Lifter are innovative solutions designed to enhance safety and prevent injuries for both the user and the caregiver. The Mawson Electric Leg Lifter simplifies the process of transferring patients into bed, offering unparalleled mobility and ease of use. Its mobile design allows for easy wheeling, while its secure braked wheels ensure stability during transfers, protecting both patients and caregivers from potential injuries caused by unwanted movement.

Additionally, the Nile Leg Lifter significantly reduces the risk of back strain or injury for caregivers by minimising the need for manual support during transfers. This improvement in ergonomics not only enhances caregiver well-being but also ensures that patients are moved more safely and efficiently. Together, the Mawson and Nile Leg Lifters provide a comprehensive solution to improve safety, prevent injuries, and promote overall health in care settings.

Tungsten – retractable wheels

The Tungsten Bed’s retractable wheels play a crucial role in injury prevention by enhancing stability and control during patient care. When the wheels are retracted, the bed provides a solid and stable platform, reducing the risk of accidental movement that could lead to falls or slips during transfers and repositioning. This feature allows caregivers to maintain better control over the bed’s movement, minimising the potential for injuries to both patients and caregivers. Moreover, retractable wheels facilitate smooth transitions from storage to use, easing the physical strain on caregivers and reducing the likelihood of back injuries or muscle strain. When stored, the ability to retract the wheels ensures secure placement, preventing unintended movement and maintaining a safe environment within the care setting.


The internal padding of the Flores Cot serves as a crucial element in preventing injuries by providing essential cushioning and support. Designed to absorb shocks and impacts from accidental bumps or movements, the thick padding reduces the force transferred to the user’s body, thereby minimising the risk of impact-related injuries. Beyond its protective functions, the padding enhances overall comfort, promoting better sleep quality. With its durable and reliable construction, the Flores Cot’s internal padding ensures sustained safety and comfort for users in various environments, reinforcing its role in providing a secure sleeping space.

Scotia Cot

The Scotia Cot is designed with a focus on safety and convenience, aiming to reduce the risk of injury with its thoughtful features. Its high/low functionality allows caregivers to adjust the cot’s height to a comfortable level for caregiving tasks and ease of access, thereby minimising strain on the back. This feature is particularly beneficial for wheelchair users, individuals with limited mobility or back pain, and parents recovering from procedures like C-sections, making the cot indispensable in various caregiving scenarios. By maintaining a comfortable and secure environment for babies, the Scotia Cot promotes safer and user-friendly caregiving practices. This ensures efficient care without compromising safety, ultimately enhancing peace of mind for parents and caregivers alike.

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