How our beds can help with Long COVID Symptoms

Our beds are multi-positional, multi-functional and can help to reduce the impact and symptoms of Long COVID.

Long COVID can present with a variety of symptoms that are often overlapping and/or fluctuating. A systematic review has highlighted 55 different long-term effects but common symptoms of long COVID include breathlessness, headaches, cough, fatigue, and cognitive impairment or ‘brain fog’. Coronavirus can attack the lungs causing direct, long-term damage. However, the body’s immune response to the virus can also cause damage to the lungs. This can mean that patients are not able to get enough oxygen into their bodies. Oxygen is vital for all body functions.

Research into the treatment of COVID patients has shown that that laying patients on their front whilst giving them oxygen helps improve the amount of oxygen that gets into the body. This is because laying on your front stops your heart and stomach from pressing down on your lungs and allows the air sacks within the lungs to fully inflate. This can mean patients require less oxygen overall and, in some cases, can delay or prevent the need for intubation and ventilation.

Below we have listed several ways in which our beds support patients, whilst easing symptoms.

• Our Arctic Bed can help to facilitate full prone (placing patients in respiratory distress on their stomachs).
• Our Beds also support partial prone (side laying) with no need for cumbersome pillows.
• Autobox can be fitted for Auto Turning to change positions at required frequency.
• Postural management to ensure patient is in a straight and safe placement.
• Trendelenburg positioning to support lung and heart function.
• Supported V-positioning. Correct positioning is paramount for patient safety.
• For patients that are experiencing extended Long COVID symptoms or are bed bound for a prolonged period, our mattresses will support tissue viability and reduce pressure ulcers.
• Our beds are available for both Hire and Purchase.

To discuss your requirements and how we can help, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team are always happy to demonstrate our beds and show you the features of our products.

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