Freddie’s Case Study

Case Study – Freddie’s Quality of Life Redefined


Freddie is a 5-year-old boy who was diagnosed with Angelman syndrome, his story unfolds as a testament to the profound impact that the Flores Cot, generously funded through a fundraising initiative led by “Wake Up With Webbo from Radio Ashford” has had on the young boy. This section delves into the challenges Freddie faced, the transformative qualities of the Flores Cot, and the positive outcomes experienced by both Freddie and his family.

Challenges Faced by Freddie:

Freddie’s Angelman syndrome presented a complex set of challenges, exacerbated by hyperactivity and excitability, making conventional sleep solutions ineffective. This not only affected Freddie’s physical health but also had ripple effects on his family, disrupting their sleep and daily routines.

The Role of the Flores Cot:

The Flores Cot emerged as a tailored solution designed to address Freddie’s specific needs. As a profiling bed with a high-sided wooden surround, it aimed to minimise the risk of self-injury and provide a secure sleeping environment. Funded through a community-driven effort, the Flores Cot became a beacon of hope for Freddie and his family.

Customisation for Comfort:

The Flores Cot’s ability to be customized to Freddie’s specific physical measurements ensured a snug and secure fit. Its fully profiling features and high/low function eased the caregiving process for Freddie’s parents, allowing for adjustments without straining their back.

Makrolon Windows and Visual Reassurance:

A notable feature of the Flores Cot is its makrolon windows, offering visual reassurance for Freddie. This not only made the cot feel less restrictive for him but also provided his mother with the peace of mind that he was safe and protected from potential injuries.

Positive Outcomes for Freddie and Family:

The impact of the Flores Cot extended beyond addressing Freddie’s sleep challenges. It positively influenced his overall well-being, alleviating issues such as the need for constant supervision by his parents. Additionally, the Flores Cot transformed the sleep quality of Freddie’s family, providing them with better rest and peace of mind.

Testimonial from Freddie’s Mother:

Freddie’s mother expressed gratitude for the transformative impact of the Flores Cot, emphasizing the positive changes it brought to their lives. “I just wanted to say that Freddie’s bed has made such a difference to our lives for us as a family. It lets us sleep better at night now we know he is safe and secure.”

In this case study, Freddie’s journey showcases the transformative power of community-driven initiatives and specialised solutions like the Flores Cot, demonstrating how a thoughtful approach to sleep care can significantly enhance the lives of individuals with complex needs and their families.

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