First it was a luxury but now it is essential – Pillow Lifter Case Study

Annabelle has been caring for her husband for several years. Her husband has had some trouble getting a good night’s sleep when using a standard bed. Finding comfort is a common issue for people who have chest infections, breathing difficulties or back pain when using a standard bed. If they are treated and cared for without appropriate specialist equipment, this can lead to the carer’s own health and quality of life being negatively affected.

In this case, Annabelle and her husband had already been using the Ultimate Pillow Lifter from Centrobed; this meant that Annabelle did not need to put herself at risk or change her care routine when her husband’s health did begin to deteriorate. It also meant that despite his health gradually getting worse, Annabelle and her husband’s quality of life was not drastically affected. For people who want an affordable alternative to profiling beds, this pillow lifter can fulfill several of the functions found in a specialist bed. The Ultimate is versatile and provides effective care either on or under the mattress, Annabelle and her husband can decide on which position the Ultimate suits him the best.

The Ultimate can help people such as Annabelle’s husband maintain some level of independence as it is operated with a straightforward, easy to understand handset. Annabelle does not have to move and reposition her husband, and he can raise and lower himself in the bed at a few button presses. This pillow lifter is low maintenance and can be used either under or on top of the mattress effectively allowing Annabelle and her husband to determine which method would work best for them. The Ultimate is not only beneficial when it comes to helping people have more comfort during sleeping, it can also improve a person’s mobility and utility in bed. For anyone who has a problem when it comes to sitting up in bed due to joint or back issues, the Ultimate can comfortably bring the client up to a vertical sitting position; up to 85 degrees. This feature facilitates more reach for the user and reduces the likelihood of strain for carers when manual handling people in bed. The Ultimate moves the client in virtual silence meaning that Annabelle can sleep next to her husband without being disturbed by the noise of the pillow lifter being operated. The Ultimate can be bespoke to each individual’s physical measurements and needs, meaning it will work well in conjunction with the client’s current bed as well as their own condition.

The Ultimate is designed to be a durable and low maintenance product that can provide effective and comfortable care. The Ultimate can hold up to 18 stone with a bariatric version available with a weight limit of 25 stone. Annabelle is clearly pleased by how the Ultimate has helped her husband: “We have had this equipment for about ten years and at first it was a luxury but now it is essential as my husband’s condition has deteriorated. I was most impressed with your efficiency. Thanks a lot.” As Annabelle explained, the Ultimate will be able to continue to effectively care and comfort her husband throughout their life.

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