Care in the Community; The Centrobed Goal

Care in the community is desperately needed across all age ranges and demographics. Life expectancy has increased in the UK over the last 40 years. Our population are all living to an older age, and the Care system is stretched more than ever as a result of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

One of our Beds in the community can ease the pressure on the NHS and Care staff, as it enables the user to remain as independent as physically possible subject to that individuals personal circumstances. Our Beds can be fully bespoke, and therefore are manufactured to meet the patients’ specific needs. It means that someone can stay at home and have the care they need rather than having to move to a residential Care Home or remaining in Hospital for extended phases. Likewise, we also offer ‘off the shelf’ products for less complex cases. For example, a Profiling Bed, such as the Jupiter is ideal for community use.

For a child, with complex health needs, a bespoke turning bed means that they will not only experience improved quality of sleep, but the whole extended family also will share the benefits. Their parents or guardians do not need to wake up as frequently to check or reposition their child, if at all, during the night. They have greater peace of mind knowing that their child is both safe and sleeping well. Their bed can be fitted with an Auto Turning Box if needed, which will also reduce the requirement for night-time carers. The child will be able to adjust their position themselves, which encourages their independence. Our Caribbean is just one example of our Paediatric Turning Beds. Our Flores Cot has a high sided wooden surround for additional safety.

For an adult, a Turning Bed can be equally life changing. They can experience the freedom of adjusting their position themselves without carer intervention. For patients who are bed bound, it means that their tissue viability issues (or pressure sores) are reduced or alleviated entirely. A Turning Bed promotes their own independence. The Amazon is one of our adult Turning Beds, that is multifunctional and also has the benefit of ‘growing’.

From a carers perspective, a Turning Bed will reduce greatly the chance of Musculoskeletal conditions or other injuries and also reduce the number of carers required to deliver personal care. The Bed can be used to position the client safely and comfortably to assist them with bathing or dressing. This is also paramount when caring for Bariatric patients.

Our Tungsten Elite range of Beds enables Bariatric patients to have access to a variety of Turning Beds to meet their individual requirements. The Tungsten Elite range can support even the most complex of Bariatric needs.

Our goal at Centrobed is to make Care in the Community easier, safer and more readily available by supplying Beds, Cots and other moving and handling equipment to support the work of the incredible NHS and the amazing army of Nurses and Carers.

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