2022 Virtual Showcases – Universities, Colleges, Training Centres…


** Calling all Universities, Colleges and Training Centres **

Our Virtual Showcases are back for 2022, and we are looking for venues who would like to host a virtual presentation for their students. Our virtual presentation can take place in your lecture hall, classroom or staffroom!

If you are a Student Occupational Therapist, Student Physiotherapist or other Medical Student wishing to your expand your product knowledge please get in touch as we would love to help. Likewise, if you are a qualified Occupational Therapist wishing to enhance your product knowledge we are very happy to host a virtual presentation to your team also. We can tailor the content of the presentation to meet your training needs or team learning objectives.

We can issue a certificate of attendance to attendees after all presentations for inclusion in your personal CPD portfolio.

For more information, please contact Kim on sales@centrobed.com or call 01233 635 353.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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