How much are your products?
As our products are bespoke, the final cost of our beds is subject to your individual specification. Please contact us and we will be delighted to provide you with a comprehensive quote.

How much is delivery?
Delivery and installation of all our beds to mainland UK is free of charge (excluding Highlands & Islands), outside of mainland UK delivery charges apply and are subject to your location. Please provide us with your address and we can confirm costs accordingly. For other items, such as leg lifters, mattress variators, pillow lifters and accessories, we can arrange delivery for a small fee.

Is customized branding of a bed an additional cost?
Our themed panels are included in the cost for all paediatric beds and turning beds. You can choose your theme to suit your personal preferences or to complement your bedroom decor.

Do you offer a free trial?
We are happy to provide you with one of our bespoke turning or chair beds for you to trial to ensure it is 100% suitable for you. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Are you able to carry out bed demonstrations and assessments during COVID-19?
We are still able to carry out successful demonstrations and thorough assessments via the medium of a video call during the current pandemic restrictions. A member of our team will gladly arrange an assessment or demo via whichever platform is most convenient for you (Skype/WhatsApp/FaceTime/Zoom for example).

Where are your Beds made?
We are very proud of the fact that all our products are designed and manufactured in Ashford, Kent. As all of our items are made in the UK we can ensure stock availability and have a reliable supply chain.

Do you offer Double beds?
We offer a bespoke solution, whereby two of our beds can be combined to make one Double / King Sized bed with separate profiling and personalised features. This solution means that individual requirements can be accommodated fully, and still support safe and comfortable co-sleeping.

Can I Hire rather than Buy?
Indeed, we offer a range of beds (from standard profiling to turning beds) for long- and short-term Hire via our sister company KIHTO Healthcare. Please contact us to discuss.

Are the turning mechanisms noisy?
The motors for our beds are very smooth and extremely quiet. Our clients have also told us that they are unnoticeable during the night on our auto-turning Arctic bed for example.

What type of beds can your Nile Leg lifter be fitted to?
The Nile Leg lifter can be quickly and easily installed to a profiling bed using brackets. Alternatively, it can also be used with a standard divan bed using the straps provided. A member of our team are always happy to discuss any queries you may have with regards to installing our products. We also offer a free video call to assist you with installing the Nile.

How can I decide which bed is the best choice?
A member of our experienced team will discuss fully your individual needs and recommend accordingly. As above, we offer a free trial of our turning and chair beds to ensure that you are fully satisfied.

How are these beds funded?
Our beds are typically funded through local health authorities, benevolent funding and via self-funding.

Do you offer servicing?
We provide a nationwide mainland UK service programme for the maintenance and care of all our beds. Please contact us on 01233 635353 to discuss. (Please note – if you are based outside of the UK, please do contact us to discuss servicing with one of our preferred partner suppliers.)

What colours are available?
We offer 24 different colour choices – please click here to view our RAL colour chart.

Can you help me select a Theme?
We are happy to discuss your theme choices and preferences to help you decide, we have a vast array of themes that we have created in the past which we can share with you as inspiration!

Please do not hesitate to contact us on 01233 635 353 or email sales@centrobed.com with any additional questions or queries that you may have.