We THRIVE on our client feedback!

At Centrobed, we are lucky enough to be able to work with wonderful families and thrive on the feedback that we receive. 

“Arlos new Centrobed has quite literally greatly improved his life. Having a full size, fully electric, multi angled bed has changed everything for us. From helping clear his regular chest infections, easing the discomfort of bending over to care for him, helping reduce secretions – which in turn prevent unnecessary vomiting, the list goes on… 

Perhaps even greater is our ability to now get in bed with him to read, comfort or have his brothers join him for a movie. It’s honestly quite possibly our greatest utility asset. Aside from that, the bed is supremely well made and has never let us down despite all we ask of it. 

Centrobed as a company have also been kinder and more accommodating than we could have hoped. 

We honestly can’t thank or recommend you highly enough.”

Mike (Arlo’s Dad)

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