The Ultimate Pillow Lifter

Martin has been working as a sales person for several years, travelling around the UK to meet and discuss products with clients. Unfortunately, he suffered a ruptured Achilles Tendon which would directly lead to a pulmonary embolism, a blockage which occurred in his pulmonary artery that carries blood from the heart to the lungs causing the formation of a blood clot in his lungs. This would not only have a significant impact on his capability to work but his overall quality of life. Pulmonary embolism is a life threatening condition if not treated quickly and can cause significant issues for the quality of life of anyone who has the condition. Martin explains the problems he experienced with this condition: “This caused severe pain in my chest and made breathing difficult especially when laid down flat in bed, preventing me from achieving a good night’s sleep.”

The Ultimate Pillow Lifter was able to help Martin by alleviating several of his key issues he had from his pulmonary embolism. The Ultimate can take someone from a horizontal position, lying down in bed to an almost completely vertical sitting position up to 85 degrees. This function allowed Martin to find the right degree of elevation he needed to be comfortable and get the better quality of sleep that he so needs: “By using the Centrobed Ultimate, I was able to lie in a more elevated position, which I could change regularly and easily. This allowed me to achieve a much more restful sleep.” This versatile pillow lifter is easy to use, low maintenance and able to work effectively either on or under the bed mattress.

The Ultimate Pillow Lifter is not designed to just take into account the needs of the user but also considers anyone who may be resting or sleeping nearby. While a pillow lifter can be beneficial in providing the user comfort, it is possible that they can make a significant level of noise making it difficult for anyone nearby to get to sleep. This is not the case with the Ultimate Pillow Lifter though as it operates making virtually no noise. Martin explains: “The Ultimate is virtually silent and did not disturb my wife.”

With the help of the Ultimate, Martin was able to significantly reduce the stress and pains caused by his pulmonary embolism and have the rest he needed and was completely satisfied with how the Ultimate was able to help him. An effective, affordable and portable alternative to specialist profiling beds, the Ultimate can be made bespoke with a range of different widths to suit the client’s needs and physical measurements. For people experiencing chest pain or breathing problems when using a standard bed, Martin views the Ultimate as the ideal product for giving people the relief and quality of sleep they need: “I would definitely recommend this piece of equipment as a short term or long term relief for anyone that suffers pain and breathing difficulties when laid flat.”

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