‘Thank you for my exceptional bed and many hours of sleep in my comfortable bed’ – Case Study 1407

For 2 years, Eileen, an 83 year old woman was unable to sleep in a proper bed. When trying to do so, she would have difficulty finding comfort or face trouble when trying to get in and out of bed, resulting in her having to sleep in a chair.

However, this problem which Eileen faced was resolved when she started using the Timor Bed Chair designed specifically for her own needs by Centrobed: “I thank you from the bottom of my heart, this has meant I can go to bed the first time in 2 years instead of sleeping in a “Relax-a-chair”[…] The head and footboard are excellent – such an improvement especially the footboard Carl fitted on – a must for us “oldies.””

The Timor Bed chair is designed with a unique seat action that takes you effortlessly from laying to sitting to standing. It is a made to measure bespoke bed chair – identifying and making the correct start height, seat depth and back rest sections to fit individuals of any height. The main functions of the Timor are, head up, legs up, stand up and sliding seat designed to move you back into bed when laying down, all operated by an easy to use handset. This provides people such as Eileen with an alternative to hoisting or sleeping in a chair, encourages independence and mobility making the Timor a product which can fulfil the purpose of three: a bed, a chair and a hoist. Thanks to this increased mobilisation, the Timor assists in the prevention of pressure ulcers complimenting existing practice and playing an important part for community care pressure sore prevention and the reductions in admission to hospital.

The Timor also reduces the risk of moving and handling injuries for carers. Eileen is particularly fond of the design of her Timor Bed: “With the footboard on it is excellent, I can ease myself back on the bed as it is coming up. I cannot tell you how much it means to me and I am sure it will for others, a tremendous help, now I don’t feel I am sliding. The bed is so comfortable and I average 4 hours [of sleep] a night which is good for me.”

Thanks to the Timor Bed Chair, people such as Eileen are able to sleep more comfortably, safely and are able to transition in and out of bed with little difficulty.

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