‘Testimonial’ – Jenson

Jenson’s sleep has been transformed since receiving his amazing Arctic profiling bed. Due to his condition Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, he often gets pains in his legs and back.

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This bed has enabled him to have a super comfy nights sleep where he sleeps through. The individual positioning on each leg and the various other positions have certainly made a difference. The Arctic also benefits Jenson when he is unwell due to the risk of respiratory problems. The back can easily be raised to help Jenson breath and sleep in a more upright position comfortably so there is less congestion on his chest.  Everyone says how amazing his bed looks and Jenson happily chose the space design and colour scheme.

Due to Jenson’s condition being a progressive muscle wasting condition, he will have so much medical equipment going forward. It’s so great his bed looks amazing and stylish rather than the look of a medical hospital bed. It really brightens up his room.

Highly recommend especially to others with Duchenne, as the bed has a turning function too so children/adults don’t need constant manual turning through the night by another person.
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