‘Testimonial’ – Fia

Fia’s bed has been a game changer for her care, for me and her carers/nurses. Not only does it help turn and roll her which has been so dificult with her scoliosis but it also gives support with her positioning and sitting whilst in bed and acts like a sleep system overnight. Prior to getting this bed Fia would constantly need repositioning, lean over (90°) to her left side and sit with frog legs. We tried many sleep systems, cushions and wedges but this bed really has made everything safer and easier. We haven’t got the turning box but be will look at getting this after Fia’s spinal fusion. We’ve just spend another week in hospital and missed this bed so much, usually when we get home from prolonged stays Fia tells her TV how much she’s missed it but this time she missed her bed far more than the TV!

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