I’ve got freedom, that’s all I’ve ever wanted – Timor Chair Bed / Case Study 2391

Sandra suffers from primary lymphoedema, a condition with no cure, causing her body tissues to swell and fluid retention causing her to gain weight, going from a size 10 up to 35 stone. This buildup of fluid and swelling leads to an increased pressure on her muscles, making it difficult and at times extremely painful for her to move leading her muscles to waste away from a lack of activity and requiring the use of painkillers. Up until 4 years ago, Sandra was able to live independently, regularly leaving her house and in full time employment.

The build-up of fat and skin on Sandra’s legs makes them vulnerable to ulcers and deep bruises if she remains standing for too long or if she knocks them. This condition has now left Sandra unable to leave her house, needing to rely on her daughter, Lorraine to help get her out of bed and move around her home. Sandra is completely dependent on her to get out of bed, safely move around the house and other personal care. The Plus Size version of the Timor Bed Chair was screened on the channel 5 show: “Big Body Squad,” helping Sandra achieve a new level of independence and mobility. The Timor was designed to be durable, accessible and comforting. She is now able to get in and out of bed and move around without needing to fully rely on her daughter, improving both of their lives. The Timor is a product designed to replace three, providing Sandra with a bed, chair and a hoist, reducing the cost it would require to purchase a specialised version of each of the products. This product means Sandra will not have to face any potential difficulty with a hoist or have to sleep in a chair.

The Timor’s main functions are head up, legs up, stand up and sliding seat are all easily accessible with a user friendly handset ensuring the process of getting out or back into bed is as straightforward and comfortable as possible. This accessibility reduces the risk of injury for Lorraine when moving and handling her mother. The riser recliner action of the Timor allows Sandra’s legs to go down safely and easily while supporting her spine and the back of her legs, reducing any discomfort or pain she could experience in changing position. The Timor is able to give people such as Sandra more individual freedom to move around their house and reposition comfortably in their bed without needing constant assistance.

Sandra is pleased to see that her greater independence has given her daughter more freedom to live her own life: “I didn’t want to be a burden to my daughter. It means that she’ll be able to go out and about and have her freedom now.”

The Timor has helped give Sandra and her daughter, Lorraine a more independent and brighter future. Only a few days after receiving the bed, Sandra is clearly pleased with the effects which the Timor has had on her life: “I’ve got freedom, that’s all I’ve ever wanted. I will be getting more and more exercise so I can break down the fluid. After just two days I am able to walk around a lot better”

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