It is nice to get his seal of positive feedback!

A long period of time, Ellen has suffered trouble getting her legs into bed without assistance. This would leave her feeling physically and mentally stressed, finding it difficult to get to sleep even when she safely gets her legs into bed. Over time, Ellen would increasingly struggle and be left exhausted when getting into bed; she would have to rely on the help of her husband to ensure her legs are safely transferred into bed on a regular basis. This would not just have a negative impact on Ellen’s independence and dignity but also affect her husband who would often have to wake up in the middle of the night to help Ellen back into bed, giving him less sleep. A common problem family members face when caring for their loved ones is the impact it can have on their overall physical and emotional wellbeing. Providing a high level of care on a frequent basis can lead to a buildup in a carer’s stress and through repeated moving and handling of someone a risk of strain or injury.

Centrobed were able to provide Ellen with a Nile leg lifter resolving several of her key issues that she and her husband were facing.  The Nile is an electrically powered leg lifter with a vinyl pad designed to support and comfortably transfer a person’s legs.

The Nile is bespoke and made to measure to suit Ellen’s own physical measurements and personal needs and work effectively with her current bed. To minimize the chance of the client having any hassle when trying to set the Nile up with their bed, the leg lifter is height adjustable and comes with universal fittings as standard. These universal fittings mean that regardless of whether Ellen has a divan or community profiling bed, the Nile will be able to securely attach onto her bed. The Nile lift is operated with an easy to use handset allowing Ellen to operate and control the leg lifter as she wishes, stopping the angle of elevation at the degrees that she finds appropriate to either reposition her legs on the pad or to move them onto or off the bed.

Linda, a former carer of Ellen spoke regarding the impact the Nile has had, she explains that Ellen is “absolutely delighted with it and says that it has transformed her life, giving her back her independence and allowing her husband to get a good night’s sleep. It is nice to get his seal of positive feedback!” By helping Ellen get into bed in a comfortable and efficient manner, the Nile has helped her and her husband have happier, less stressful lives.

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