I would be lost without the Baltic

Liam has been living with Motor Neurone Disease (MND) for 14 years leaving him with a lack of control in his lower body and unable to walk. Liam explains: “In 2005 I was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease (MND). Living with MND this long is lucky if you could call it lucky. I lost the use of my legs quickly which we don’t even think about when turning in bed, but we very much need them to turn in bed. A standard bed became very difficult shortly after losing the use of my legs so we got a Jupiter Special. I got about 5 years with that bed and found I had to wake my wife up a lot to help me turn to get comfortable and to wee at night.”

After getting as much use as possible out of the Jupiter bed, Centrobed was able to accommodate several of the issues Liam faced when trying to sleep with the Baltic turning bed. The Baltic assists the client with their specific needs, improving their mobility when getting in and out of bed and by extension facilitating more personal independence. The movement options available for the Baltic are head up, turn left, turn right, high/low, Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg. It also helped by giving Liam a significant improvement in independence improving both his and his wife’s lives, Liam states that: “I now have a Baltic bed and I don’t need to disturb my wife anymore at night as I can control the bed on my own.”

The Baltic is able to further cater to a person’s complex needs with its automatic turning option. The automatic turning option is programmed to a person’s own individual needs meaning someone such as Liam can have their bed move and turn automatically to reposition them smoothly and give them a comfortable sleep without any need for assistance. The Baltic can be catered to the client in other aspects as well, with a bespoke length ensuring that the client is able to comfortably fit in the bed and a bariatric option able to operate with a weight up to 60 stone.  In Liam’s case, Centrobed were able to ensure that he was able to have full control of the handset controls; Liam explains: “I must have driven the guys at Centrobed mad when it came to the hoop/grabrail on the bed. They made it three times before I was happy with it the third time. I can’t hold the remote right so I have it fixed to the hoop/grabrail.”

The Baltic helps provide people suffering with MND such as Liam with more independence getting in and out of bed as well as reducing the strain and stress their families and carers may experience giving everyone a better, more comfortable sleeping experience and improving their quality of life. For Liam, he is clearly very satisfied with how the Baltic has helped him: “I would be lost without the Baltic and I know it too well when we go away. I would recommend the Baltic to anyone as it has changed my life but more importantly my wife’s sleep. A great company and they never gave up until I was happy with the bed.”

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