First night for approximately 10 years

Jane has been living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) for several years. Two of the most prevalent ways in which MS can affect a person’s life are limited mobility of the body and a consistent level of pain and discomfort caused by muscle stiffness and spasms. This has meant that Jane has struggled to find comfort when using a standard bed, especially for her back. As a result of her MS progressively deteriorating her health over time, she has had to depend on her husband, Alan, to get up overnight to reposition and help her go to sleep. This has had a negative impact not just on Jane’s overall health and quality of life but also on her husband’s, with neither of them being able to get a consistent level of sustained sleep.

Whether the person caring for someone is a trained nurse or a relative with no experience, moving and handling someone in bed regularly for a long time will always put the carer at risk of some form of injury, such as back problems. Carers are often forced to adapt an awkward, unnatural position to lift and assist someone moving in and out of bed, putting a high level of pressure and strain on their body and increasing the risk of a serious injury.

Centrobed provided Jane with a Baltic bed to give her a more comfortable rest and a better night’s sleep. The Baltic, with its wide range of turning and profiling options, makes the bed suitable for treating various illnesses and physical conditions. The Baltic is a fully profiling six-action turning bed designed to provide single-handed and hands-free care. The Baltic has a range of movement options, including heads up, high/low, Trendelenburg, and 55-degree turning, all of which can be operated and performed with an easy-to-use handset.

The variety of turning and profiling options that the Baltic offers, along with their ease of use, has increased Jane’s freedom and mobility when getting in and out of bed and repositioning herself at her discretion. Jane explains, “The bed, as I am sure you know now, gives me great independence, allowing me to move easily.” With Jane achieving a greater level of independence, the Baltic has helped her have a better night’s sleep and a higher quality of life; going to sleep in bed is no longer an experience that she will have any significant trouble or difficulty with.

The Baltic has a control box that can be used for automatic night free turning and repositioning without any outside assistance required. This programming can be tailored to each individual’s preferences and can go through a virtually limitless series of movements to ensure the client has the most comfortable sleeping experience possible, accommodating their specific needs. This is especially true when it comes to MS. For Jane, she was able to have her Baltic installed with a specific series of profiling and turning movements programmed into its control box for clients with Multiple Sclerosis. Jane explains how much this feature of the Baltic has helped her: “Monday night was the first night in approximately 10 years since my husband has not had to get up at least twice, if not more, to turn me, which is a task I now do not need assistance with.”

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