Case Study 3333 – Quoddy Bed

Summer is a six year old girl living with Spina Bifida; she had a hole in her spine leaving her nerves exposed and making her paralysed from the chest down, relying on a wheelchair full time and the daily care of her family. She also had Hydrocephalus leading to an excess build-up of fluid on the brain leaving it vulnerable to damage. At her age, Summer has already had multiple brain and spinal surgeries as well as regular Hospital appointments. Thanks to local charities including the Hastings Community and Hastings United Football Club raising over £5000, Centrobed was able to provide Summer with a specialist Quoddy bed.

This bed was bespoke and made to fit her individual needs such as having a backrest and knee break in the appropriate places. Centrobed ensures that there are no gaps in their Quoddy bed that can put a child at risk of entrapment. The Quoddy is designed to grow with the child and will expand to 3 different lengths starting at 152cm then growing to 168cm and finally ending at 183cm.

The Quoddy bed allows Summer to sleep safely at night, as bumpers are fitted to stop her falling out of bed, when she likes to sleep up high. For Summer, her bed was designed to be height adjustable meaning she is now able to sit herself up in the mornings, with the simple push of a button without any assistance from her parents. The bed also came designed with a unique tilt function helping clear any possible chest infections Summer could have, without her parents having to be present to roll her over, giving them extra rest at night.

The bed is not just customised and designed for practical needs, but was also has a personalised theme with headboards and bright colours making it look perfect in any little girl’s room.

Summer’s parents are also delighted with the Quoddy bed: “All in all the bed has made night times one less worry for us and she now enjoys getting into her bed. When a profiling bed was 1st mentioned we imagined a hospital bed, we could never have imagined she would have something that looks this wonderful. So thank you to everyone at Centrobed for making our daughters dreams a reality.”

Thanks to the Quoddy bed, Summer is now able to move and grow more independently and her parents are more content with the knowledge that the bed is specially designed to ensure their daughter’s safety, giving everyone in the family a better night’s sleep.


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