Case Studies

Please find below a selection of case studies that you may find of interest.  For further information please contact us.

First night for approximately 10 years

Jane has been living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) for several years. Two of the most prevalent ways in which MS can impact a person’s life is limited mobility of the body and a consistent level of pain and discomfort caused by muscle stiffness and spasm. Read more



The Quoddy which is perfect for me

Summer is a six year old girl living with Spina Bifida; she had a hole in her spine leaving her nerves exposed and making her paralysed from the chest down, relying on a wheelchair full time and the daily care of her family. Read more




Thank you for my exceptional bed and many hours of sleep (Timor Chair Bed)

For 2 years, Eileen, an 83 year old woman was unable to sleep in a proper bed. When trying to do so, she would have great difficulty finding comfort or encounter trouble when trying to get in and out of bed, instead having to sleep in a chair. Read more




Helping to create a better life (Arctic Turning Bed)

Christopher Gibbins lives with his family in Hereford; he has been diagnosed with the most severe form of Muscular Dystrophy. Whilst he has use of a wheelchair he is dependent on his family. Read more



Not a creature was stirring in their comfy beds! (Quoddy Bed)

Charlotte and Chris Bull have a nine-year-old son and four-year-old twins with global developmental delay. Mum, Charlotte, had just completed her law degree with distinction and was planning to go back to work after having her twins, and Chris was going to be a stay at home Dad. After the boys were born prematurely at 31 weeks – the doctors started to notice problems, initially with Alex and Dylan’s breathing. Charlotte spent the majority of their first two years with one or other of the twins in hospital. Read more



The Baltic bed is an amazing piece of equipment (Baltic Turning Bed)

Simon and Nicole have been happily married for over 20 years and share their life with their daughter in Mildenhall. Simon was very outgoing and loved life before the day his life changed forever. Read more



I can’t fault this bed, I love it and it has made such a difference for us (Flores Cot)

Freddie is a 5 year old boy born with Angelman syndrome. Angelman syndrome is a genetic disorder affecting the person’s central nervous system leading to severe physical and mental disability. Read more




It has given me my dignity back and a safe place to learn independence and pushing my boundaries (Antarctic Bed) 


As part of the BBC series DIY SOS: The Big Build, Centrobed provided Chloe with an Antarctic bed, helping accommodate her complex needs while also enabling her to remain at home living with her family. Read more




I’ve got freedom, that’s all I’ve ever wanted (Timor Chair Bed)

The Plus Size version of the Timor Bed Chair was screened on the channel 5 show: “Big Body Squad,” helping Sandra achieve a new level of independence and mobility. The Timor was designed to be durable, accessible and comforting to provide Sandra with the best possible conditions for improvement when using her bed. Read more





By using the Centrobed Ultimate… it allowed me to achieve a much more restful sleep (Pillow Lifter)

Martin has been working as a sales person for several years, travelling around the UK to meet and discuss products with clients. Read more.