World Wellbeing Week

June 24th-28th is ‘World Wellbeing Week’, the purpose of this week is to highlight and celebrate the work of charities, professional carers and practitioner. Another key objective is to increase general awareness of all the different and important forms of wellbeing: physical, emotional, social, financial, community, career and environmental. It is important to understand that these aspects are closely linked together; when it comes to living with complex conditions which can impact a person’s physical wellbeing, this often negatively influences other key aspects such as emotional and social wellbeing.

Centrobed products are able to help with a variety of aspects of a client‘s and their family’s wellbeing as well as reducing the risk of strain or injury for any nurses or carers.

The Flores Cot Bed can be made bespoke to the client’s needs having a wooden surround with an electrically operated profiling bed. The Flores can be fitted with padding to ensure a safe sleeping environment for children with conditions such as Epilepsy, Angelman syndrome and children who are highly active and prone to collisions. These features enable the Flores to encourage better sleep patterns for the user and peace of mind and a better emotional wellbeing for their parents or carers with the knowledge that their child is safe and secure at night when sleeping in the Flores.

The Arctic Bed is a multi-functional profiling and turning bed able to accommodate a large range of complex needs. One of the biggest benefits of the Arctic is how through its large range of turning and profiling movement options and automated night turning, it is able to improve a person’s mobility and by extension improve their independence and reduce the stress and risk of injury for carers who no longer need to manually handle and reposition people in bed, leading to an overall better physical wellbeing.

The Arabian Bandaging Stool is designed to help nurses treat and bandage legs, making them more accessible, leading to a more effective and easier treatment. When treating a leg without this type of equipment, it is often necessary to use two nurses to support a swollen or infected leg with Lymphoedema to allow full access and to treat and bandage the leg properly. The Arabian has two horizontal actuator pads designed to lift one leg at a time or both, allowing the nurse full access to the leg for treatment and bandaging and reducing the level of care a patient needs from two nurses to one, improving their career wellbeing.

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