Staying at home is an option! The Baltic Turning System

The Baltic bed is a fully profiling turning system with six actions, the bed enables an individual to turn effortlessly left or right, raise the upper part of their body, raise the bed higher or lower and put the bed easily into the trendelenburgh and reverse trendelenburgh position.

Living in the community needs of individuals vary greatly depending on their condition and mobility.  When we all come in different shapes and sizes it is unreasonable to expect us all to use the same type of bed.  That is why the Baltic bed was designed to resolve issues raised when being cared for at home.

Changing position without manual involvement using the button handset or programming the automatic system will eliminate the risk of injury to the carer and maintain independence for the individual.  Respiratory medical issues can be addressed using the trendelenburgh or head up function.

Carers and professional can use the hi/lo function when giving treatments with personal care and for those people unable to alter their position during the day or night the turning facility can be preset to turn at set intervals.

This can all be done with one piece of equipment, providing dignity and independence to the individual and excellent features to assist the carers and professionals.  The Baltic bed is made here in the UK.  Centrobed work with Occupational Therapists and other professionals by doing individual client assessments, the bed is then made to the specification best suited to that person whether bariatric, paraplegic or amputee.

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