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October is Lupus Awareness month; the focus of this event is to improve the understanding of this illness for both the general public and health professionals. Lupus is an incurable immune system condition most commonly occurring in females following childbirth that can be mild to severe and affect any part of a person’s body. Because of this wide range of possible symptoms, Lupus is hard to recognize and regularly misdiagnosed as leukemia or muscular dystrophy; if left properly untreated can have irrevocable damage on a person’s organs. The most common symptoms for someone with Lupus is found through skin ulcers or sores, severe tiredness and fatigue making it difficult to accomplish necessary everyday tasks such as relaxing in bed and having a decent quality of sleep.

Centrobed provides a range of beds that can help treat conditions related to Tissue Viability and Muscular Dystrophy such as Lupus. The Timor helps improve a person’s comfort and mobility when sleeping or resting, fulfilling the role of a chair, bed and hoist. The Timor is bespoke to the client’s own physical measurements and needs ensuring that they will receive the best level of care possible. For people suffering with more severe forms of Lupus, moving their muscles or joints on a regular basis can be difficult or cause a great level of pain, greatly reducing any pressure sores or ulcers on the body. The Timor helps the client smoothly and securely transfer from lying down to a sitting position to standing up improving their level of mobility without compromising on comfort. The riser recliner function allows the legs to comfortably decline to a lower level while supporting the spine. By facilitating regular movement of the client, the Timor can improve the internal systems of the client such as digestion and blood circulation.

For people with Lupus who have trouble or experience significant pain bending their joints to stand out of bed, the Ionian is ideal. The Ionian can operate as a standard profiling bed with the distinct feature of transitioning from a horizontal position to a 90-degree vertical position. For an extra level of security, the Ionian has the option of having bedside rails to eliminate the possibility of the client sliding out either side of the bed. The Ionian can come with a standard 78” length or bespoke for an appropriate fit for the client. At the simple touch of a button, the client can operate the Ionian with an easy to understand handset, assisting them to stand up, maintaining a good level of independence and dignity for the client and reducing the extent of help they require from carers.

One of the most versatile beds is the Arctic, a turning bed with a large range of profiling and turning movements. With this specialist bed, the client can reposition themselves in a near endless number of ways until they find comfort. As with the other products, the Arctic is bespoke to the individual requirements of the client and is operated through a simple handset enabling the client the freedom to move and turn themselves with comfort and ease.

The Arctic bed can significantly reduce or outright eliminate the need for manual handling when using a bed. The Arctic is a multifunctional bespoke bed that facilitates a more comfortable sleep and better care for several conditions, including people who have suffered a stroke. With all of its turning and profiling movements being operated by a straightforward handset, the bed user can turn and reposition themselves with ease. This is especially helpful for people who have limited movement and paralysis in the body. By using the handset and the individual leg movements, the client can use the Arctic to turn and reposition each side of their body into a comfortable position without needing the help of carers, reducing the need for manual handling and the risk of injury that comes with it.

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