Keep Moving. Stay Independent.

A healthy level of mobility is one of the most important factors to consider when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep. By not being able to move and position yourself in bed without the assistance or regular provision of a carer then one’s own dignity, mental wellbeing and independence would likely decline. This scenario when continued in the long-term would have repercussions for both the client and their carer, if neither of them were able to have a sustained level of sleep their general health and overall quality of life would decline.

Centrobed offer a range of products to help increase a person’s mobility within or transferring in or out of bed.

Ideal for people who struggle getting safely into bed without assistance, the Nile leg lifter can securely attach onto a wide range of beds with several different sized brackets and universal fittings that are easy to set up. This electric leg lifter is simple to use, smoothly lifting the legs in virtual silence, not disturbing anyone resting nearby. For people who have balance difficulties or complex leg conditions, by using the Nile leg lifter, getting in and out of bed can remain an easy and straightforward task.

When people are unable to sit up or bend in bed, safely getting into or out of bed can be a significant challenge. This has the same functions found in a standard profiling bed along with the unique feature of taking the client up to a vertical 90 degrees. Instead of requiring the assistance of carers manually handling them, clients can get in or out of bed independently without needing the support of others reducing the risk of injury for carer and client. The Ionian Standing Bed improves the extent of freedom for both carer and client


The Arctic bed has a wide range of profiling and turning options that can help care for many complex conditions including Tissue Viability, Muscular Dystrophy, and Motor Neurone Disease. For clients who need movement and repositioning overnight, this specialist bed has the option for automated turning for hands-free turning. Parents and carers do not need to be up throughout the night to turn or move someone in bed, the Arctic can be set to move in a specific manner suited to the client’s needs with a multitude of programs to select from. This means the client can retain a healthy level of independence and dignity when using the bed and the carers can rest at night with peace of mind from the knowledge that the client’s needs are being addressed with the automated turning.

For people who are severely limited in terms of mobility, this can have a significant impact on those around them; people can be heavily dependent on others to do daily tasks such as getting out of bed, washing and moving around the house. Over time, being restricted to a single chair or bed can lead to pressure sores and ulcers emerging. The Timor fulfills the role of three distinct products: bed, chair and hoist facilitating a consistent level of movement improving independence and reducing existing pressure sores and ulcers. Clients will no longer have to depend on carers meaning they will have greater freedom, improving the quality of life for both parties.

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