Invest to Save

With the cost of care on the rise Centrobed, a leading manufacturer of bespoke specialist beds, explore how costs can be saved by investing in the right equipment.

People’s homes now dominate the landscape for long and short term care in the community and the cost of providing this is rising with the complexity of patients conditions and the rising levels of the elderly population and the bariatric. Patients being cared for in the community are vulnerable and need a regime that is comfortable, easy to comply with and safe with an awareness of the benefits to the family and carers. A regime and environment that is easy for patient and carer compliance is most important. Providing the correct care package is essential to save money and provide safe and efficient care of the client, carer and nursing staff. In many cases with the correct equipment double handed care is not required. Moving and handling is one of the major causes of occupational injuries, we should not expose professionals to unreasonable risks.

Bed blocking is a result of delayed discharge from hospital, something that at some point in our lives affects us all whether professionally, or through a friend or relative. Not only are there financial costs but it is the unseen costs, emotional and physical, affecting the patient the most. Financially in the last 12 months there were over 1,000,000 delayed days at a cost of £320m to the NHS. Some of these costs could be reduced by providing the correct equipment to allow increased numbers of people to be discharged. Discharge costs will continue unless the correct care package and equipment is provided. Targets are easier to achieve by using technology that is already available. Planned purchases, without associated disposables or high running costs that can add to the cost. Recycling, regular maintenance all add to savings that can be easily achieved.

Dignity and independence for the client along with education and training for the carer and professional is paramount in any caring environment. The easier the regime is to work/operate the greater chance there is of patient compliance. We have to invest to save, this can be achieved by increasing awareness of available equipment, educating and training those associated with the provision of care. Two products manufactured by Centrobed provide significant cost saving for the community. Those Products are the Timor Chair Bed and the Arctic Turning Bed.

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