I can get an unbroken night’s sleep and feel more refreshed for the day ahead – Case Study 1097

Victoria had been living with limb girdle muscular dystrophy for several years. This particular form of muscular dystrophy weakens and primarily affects a person’s arms and legs, limiting their mobility over time. Victoria explains: “Up until 2004 I had been able to turn myself in bed, but slowly over time it was getting harder and harder to do so.” As a result of being unable to perform everyday tasks such as repositioning in bed, Victoria’s ability to sleep and by extension quality of life is negatively impacted. As her condition gradually got worse, Victoria would find herself needing to try out different types of equipment to find comfort. Victoria goes on to say that she tried “various pieces of equipment but nothing seemed to work, then Centrobed were called upon with their turning bed and I haven’t looked back since.”

The Baltic bed has a large range of profiling and turning features that can accommodate a multitude of conditions including Victoria’s muscular dystrophy. The Baltic is made bespoke to Victoria’s requirements and measurements, meaning Victoria does not have to make any sort of compromises for the bed to be effective. Instead of having to rely on a carer or herself to reposition her body in bed, Victoria can use some straightforward and user friendly handsets to smoothly reposition themselves for comfort, and a better night’s sleep.

One of the most effective options of the Baltic is the automatic turning feature. For clients such as Victoria who have difficulty repositioning in bed, feeling discomfort and being kept awake overnight can go on to cause serious problems for overall health and wellbeing. With the automated turning, Victoria or any client can set the Baltic to turn in a manner that best suits their needs and at specific time intervals that are most effective for their condition: “Being able to have the bed on a timer for turning means I can get an unbroken night’s sleep and feel more refreshed for the day ahead. My cats like it too as it rolls them!!”

This specialist bed has remained durable and effective at providing comfort and accommodating Victoria’s muscular dystrophy long after she first used the bed. Thanks to the Baltic, Victoria’s life and her quality of sleep has had some significant improvements: “I have had the bed 16 years now and whilst it took some getting used to, I wouldn’t be without it.”

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