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Rehabilitation Awareness week is a currently ongoing event aiming to acknowledge the many ways that carers, therapists, nurses and other help people through rehab. It is also important to understand the sacrifices these people make to their own lives and how they put their own bodies or health at risk when caring for others. Centrobed products are designed to make the lives of nurses, carers and therapists easier when caring for those with complex needs or are recovering from debilitating conditions.

The Jupiter is a versatile fully profiling bed that improves the lives of both patient and carer. This bed is bespoke to the patient’s own physical needs or preferences ensuring they have the best experience possible when using the bed that is catered specifically to each individual with a large range of possible widths and lengths along with a bariatric version that can support up to 80 stone. This large range of features and significant durability that the Jupiter has makes for a bed that can provide specialized care for a number of complex needs; the Jupiter can be used for a specific individual or designed to provide care for a group of people.

For carers and nurses, tasks which might seem straightforward can be physically demanding and put a great level of strain on the body especially when done on a regular basis. This includes treating and bandaging a patient’s legs when they are swollen. The Arabian Bandaging Stool is designed to help in these types of scenarios when with large legs because of conditions such as Lymphoedema can take a significant length of time to care for and bandage properly.  Supporting a swollen or infected leg is difficult as the patient will need to have either one of them raised for up to one hour. Community nurses and other health care professionals have a regular problem when it comes to cleaning, dressing or bandaging the leg often down to large size of the leg. The Arabian is designed with two horizontal actuator driven pads that allow easy access for carers around the complete circumference of the patient’s limb while being treated. The Arabian’s horizontal pads allow movement and support of the leg to various positions during treatment. By using the Arabian, the people necessary for treatment goes down from two to one and with the support of the Arabian, this person is at less risk of strain or injury.

For patients that are unable to get to sleep without assistance, carers may need to be by the patient’s side to reposition them several times throughout the night affecting their own quality of sleep and health. The multifunctional Arctic turning bed has a large range of profiling and turning movements that are all operated by easy to use handsets. These handsets can facilitate greater personal independence for people in physical rehabilitation, patients can reposition themselves without having to rely on the help of the carer with a few simple button presses. This also reduces the carer’s risk of strain or injury by eliminating the need for physical manual handling; instead, the Arctic can perform all moving and handling movements in a smooth and comfortable motion.  Another notable feature of the Arctic is the option for automatic programming enabling hands-free care, by programming a series of movements catered to the patient’s needs, the Arctic can profile and turn the patient automatically at an appropriate time interval of the person’s choosing.

In some cases, caring and helping someone with rehabilitation can completely control a carer’s life; this is a result of the patients being cared for being completely dependent on their carers to remain mobile and perform necessary tasks. This means that the carers need to be there as a constant presence, putting their own bodies at risk and limiting their own social lives. The Timor Bed Chair has a 60 stone weight limit and can effectively take the role of 3 products: chair, bed and hoist, saving the patient money and space and facilitating a gradual progression in a patient’s own mobility and independence. The Timor can help bring someone from lying down while in a bed to a sitting position as it transitions into a chair with little to no effort improving circulation and reducing muscle wastage. The Timor can be made to measure and designed bespoke to ensure that the patient can fit comfortably in the bed and that it can provide effective treatment. By using the Timor, patients can gradually regain some independence and will not need to depend on the care and help of those supporting them to such a degree, giving the carers themselves greater freedom and a better quality of life.

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