Having the correct bed and a good night’s sleep is important

Sleep deprivation can affect people in different ways other than just being tired. Having the correct bed and a good night’s sleep is important for all concerned. Comfort, support, correct positioning are all contributing factors for a good night.

Centrobed design and manufacture a range of beds that can contribute to independence and a good night’s sleep. We don’t just make one bed we are able to bespoke most of our beds taking into consideration each person’s individual need including making the bed wider, longer or certain sections the correct size for individual or care needs.


The Hudson is a unique bed designed to improve the quality of life and increase the comfort for amputees. Allowing increased stability and effortless movement to position correctly the Hudson can relieve stress and pain to the body. Giving added support the Hudson can assist in reducing swelling. As we are able to bespoke the bed the Hudson can be produced for either a single or double amputee.

Key Features:

Adjustable seat section to stop sliding down the bed when sitting up.

A high low action that assists transfer in and out of bed

Start height of the bed can be matched to wheelchair height



The Arctic turning bed will automatically turn you through the day and night. The bed can be programmed to your sleeping pattern reducing the need for intervention during the night. The Arctic is a multi-positional, multi-functional cost saving bed system that can accommodate even the most complex needs.

Everyone has different requirements when it comes to comfort. The frame of the Arctic is made up of different sections making it possible for the client to turn left or right whilst staying in the seated position. With its unique design the legs can be moved independently helping to reduce the risk of pressure sores and paraesthesia. Ideal for assisting with physiotherapy.

With so many varying positions the client or the carer can adjust the bed to suit their needs, helping with breathing, coughing, comfort, reducing the time and effort it takes to reposition along with many other issues. No need for sleepless nights or to be woken when turning, the automatic repositioning feature allows both carer and patient an improved night’s sleep.

We are all individuals, our needs vary. Centrobed will visit you to assess your individual bed requirement, working with you to provide the correct bed for you.

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