Comfortable, Safe, Fun. Our Paediatric Beds and Cots help the whole family

For bright, colourful and exciting designs, Centrobed have specialist beds and cots that can be highly personalized to each child’s interests. Children do not want to sleep in a plain white or beige cot or bed. Our beds and cots care for children with a large range of different and complex conditions and can have bold vibrant colours for bed frames and interesting unique designs and themes for the panels and sides of a bed or cot.

One of the most popular aspects of the Quoddy is that it does not look like a boring, plain hospital bed but has the same appearance of a bed you would find in any child’s bedroom. Furthermore, the client has option to customize the head and footboard panels of the bed, letting the child have a bed that can feel personal and appealing to their own specific interests. This means the child could have their favourite cartoon character such as Mickey Mouse on the panels, or a favourite film such as Star Wars or the Avengers. This can be taken further, when the child grows older and the theme does not appeal to them as much as before, the panels can be replaced with designs that match their more recent interests.

Similar to the Quoddy, the Scotia blends well within a its environment, when the mattress is at its lowest setting the Scotia looks no different from any other cot not looking out of place in a child’s room or a nursery. The Scotia cot will smoothly lift the baby up to the height of the cot with a simple push of the button, allowing the parent to reach the child without any hassle or risk. The Scotia allows easy access to the child along with head raising profiling features facilitating effective care and keeping the parent and child safe at the same time.

The Flores is highly customizable; the sides of the cot surround can have a large variety of pictures and colours catered to the child’s own interests. With the Flores cot bed, parents and carers can be confident that their child will be easily accessible and in a safe sleeping environment. The Flores can have its wooden cot surround made bespoke to ensure it is a suitable height for the child using it with transparent macrolon windows giving the child a good sense of the surrounding area when inside the cot and the parent visual reassurance of the child’s safety.

By ordering from Centrobed, children get to feel that extra bit special with our custom designed beds and cots that are dynamic, enjoyable and made just for them.

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